Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


17. Like a brother

We all sat around the metal table that was against the wall. I sat on Louis lap and had my head on his shoulder. I had never heard him so quiet. In fact I had never heard any of the boys so quiet. I guess everyone was still shaken up about Zayn. We all seemed frozen and unaware of everything else. We didn't even hear the large metal door open until Officer Barker and Officer Lyn were standing by the table.

"You are all free to go. We have review all of you interviews and they all seem to match up," Officer Barker said. "We just need you all to sign these papers before you leave," he said as he handed us each a paper and paper.

"What does all this mean if we sign it?" Liam asked.

"Its just saying that you agree to not tell anyone about what happened today except for between yourselves and if hear anything about Phil Crispen, notify us immediately," Officer Lyn said. She looked at me when she said Phil's name.

We all signed the papers and Officer Barker led us outside. We all got into Louis car and started towards the hospital. We pulled into the parking lot and all filed out of the car. I grabbed Louis hand and walked slowly up to the automatic doors and walked inside. The smell of antiseptic and medicine was very strong. We all walked up to the main desk.

"We are looking for our friend Zayn Malik," Louis said. The lady looked at her computer and typed something.

"Yes, Mr Malik is on the third floor. Room 317. He just got out of surgery so he might still be recovering from the anesthesia. Ask the receptionist there if you can see him before you go in," she said.

We all said thanks then squeezed into the small elevator. Harry pushed the floor 3 button and we waited about a minute for the doors to open again. We all filed out and walked down the wide hallway. We walked up to the lady at the desk. I stood on my tiptoes to see over the desk and cleared my throat so she knew I was there.

"Hello, how may I help you?" the lady asked as she looked up at me.

"We were wondering if we could see your friend Zayn Malik. He just got out of surgery," I said. The lady typed something into the computer then looked up at me.

"Well he just got out about an hour and a half ago so he will still be a bit groggy but we will be responsive," she said. "Are you all here to see him?" she asked noting the others.

"Yes," I said.

"Well only one or two can go in at a time. Just go right down the hall there and he'll be in room 317, the rest of you will have to sit outside," she said as she pointed down the hall.

We all headed the way that she pointed. Niall wanted to go in first. I could tell that he was really upset. Liam, Harry, Louis and I all sat on the chairs outside his room. Louis squeezed my hand and smiled at me.

"Are you alright love?" he whispered. I nodded.

"I'll be fine. Just a lot has happened today," I said.

"What did the police ask you?" Harry asked, cutting in.

"They asked me my relationship with Phil and what happened today. And they took pictures of all my bruises and scars," I said. Louis lifted up my sleeve of my jacket and started tracing my knife mark. It brought back horrible memories and I pulled away.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable," Louis said.

"No its not that. It's just bad memories," I said. Louis leaned over and kissed my cheek. About 10 minutes went by and Niall walked out. His face was red and he was crying. I jumped up and ran over to him. He pulled me into a hug.

"He's gone too far," Niall whispered. "First he kidnapped my little sister, abused her, and now he's shot my best mate!" Niall yelled. He gripped the back of my shirt. Liam, Harry, and Louis stood up and got into the hug.

"It'll be alright mate," Harry said.

"The police are working on finding Phil and Zayn is safe," Liam said.

"I know that!" Niall yelled as he broke away from the hug. He sat down on one of the chairs and put is head in his hands. I went over and started to rub his back.

"Nialler, it'll be alright. Zayn's safe now," I whispered.

"I know that," he whispered. "But your not. He came here to take you back and he left without you. He's going to try again, and next time he'll plan it better," Niall sobbed. "I just want to protect you Emmy," Niall sobbed,

"Niall, we are all going to protect her. We're not going to let her out of our sites again. Phil's not going to get another shot," Louis said as he came and sat down next to me. I smiled at him. Liam and Harry decided to go in a visit Zayn for a little bit. Niall, Louis, and I sat in silence beside Niall's sobbing, I had tried to comfort him but I couldn't. A few minutes later Liam and Harry walked out.

"He wants to talk to you Em," Harry said. I looked at Louis and stood up and walked into Zayn's room. The room was a light green color. A large cup bored was against the wall across from the bed. The tv was on but was muted. Zayn was in the bed, he had his eyes closed and he looked pained. I walked over to the bed and sat down in the chair that was next to the bed. I put my hand on his and he opened his eyes. He smiled at me.

"I'm glad your safe," he whisper.

"I'm sorry you got hurt," I whispered back and started to cry again.

"Don't cry," Zayn said. "It was worth it,"

"Getting hurt for me," I scoffed a bit. "That doesn't sound like its worth it. You should've just let Phil have me. That way you wouldn't be here," I said .

"Emily Horan," he whispered. "Never say that. I love you. I will never stop fighting for you. As long as I'm still alive, I won't stop loving you and I won't stop fighting either," Zayn said. I stared at him. I knew he liked me, but I never knew that he loved me. I just stared at him, not knowing what to say. "Well say something," he groaned.

"I don't really know what to say Zayn," I whispered. "I love you too but more like a brother. I'm in love with Louis," I said. I could see that Zayn knew I was going to say that. He nodded.

"I know that. I just thought I would tell you how I felt. I'm glad your with Louis. He's a good lad and I know he'll treat you good," Zayn said.

"I better go," I whispered. "I love you Zayn, get better soon," I said as I stood up. I leaned over and kissed his cheek and walked out of the room.

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