Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


30. Knife

It's been a week since I've been here. A week of starving. A week of sadness. A week of pain. Phil had managed to cause more pain in one week then he ever did in 3 years. Bruises covered my body now and every muscle in my body was sore from trying to fight back. But I had learned not to fight back. The beatings wouldn't be as long if I fought. Steve rarely showed up. I would occasionally see him pass by the room when Phil walked in. He was always holding a folder, I wondered what was inside.

The door swung open and I sat up from the bed quickly. Phil would come in at least 3 times a day and hit me, but he never threw the door open. Phil looked at me and pointed a knife at me. He walked towards me slowly, the knife shaking in his hand. He looked really pissed off. In his other hand I noticed the folder that Steve would always have.

"You've been lying to me!" he yelled. I shook my head. "Don't lie to me! I know what your little friends have been doing!" Phil yelled even louder. He threw the folder onto the bed, right in front of me. "See for yourself!" Phil instructed. I slowly opened up the folder and saw dozens of pictures of Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam. So that was what Steve had been doing; he was stalking the boys. One picture that was on the top of the pile showed the boys surrounding Officer Barker who was sitting at a computer. He was pointing to the screen. I didn't really know what they were doing. "They're tracking you! Aren't they?" Phil yelled as he snatched the pictures away. I wanted to grab them back, just so I could see my Louis. He threw the folder against the wall, and the pictures went flying all over the ground. "Your gonna pay!" he yelled again.

He reached forward and grabbed my necklace that held the tracker. He pulled on my necklace and it broke off my neck, he threw it on the ground and smashed his foot on it. He had destroyed both my lucky guitar pick and the tracker. I started to cry but that only made Phil more angry. Phil came closer to me, still holding the knife. Phil lunged forward and I rolled off of the bed just as the knife dug into the bed. Phil screamed and cornered me against the wall. I started screaming, hoping someone would hear my calls. Phil slammed my head against the wall hard, making me dizzy. Then he jabbed the knife into my arm. I screamed in pain and sunk to the ground just as he jabbed the knife into my leg, cutting a line just above me knee. Then he jabbed the knife into my side. He left the knife in my side.

"Now your mine, forever," Phil said and walked out.

He shut the door and locked it. I looked down and saw the puddle of blood I was sitting in. I felt extremely dizzy and lightheaded. I looked at the knife that was still lodged in my side. I reached for it but my cut arm wouldn't allow me to move it. I used my good arm to grab onto the hilt of the knife. I took a deep breath and pulled it out of my side. I screamed. It felt like I had just lit my body on fire. Searing pain shot up all through my body. I looked down and saw all the blood seeping out of my side. I knew that I wasn't going to make it. Phil had made sure of that. He had gotten what he wanted. I felt a darkness creep into me, it blurred my vision. I was now sleepy. No longer in pain. I slowly felt my eye-lids close. My last thought was;

So this is what death feels like.

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