Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


18. I love you

Louis had dropped Niall and me off at the school parking lot so I could get my car. Niall was still crying but it was more under control. We drove home in silence and when I pulled into the driveway, Niall just walked straight into his room and shut the door. I went to the kitchen and decided to make sandwiches. I pulled out the bread, meat, and cheese. I made Niall's sandwich first and set it on a plate. I walked down the hallway and knocked on his door. I could hear him playing his guitar so I just opened the door. He smiled at me but continued to play.

"I made you some food. I thought you might be hungry," I said as I walked over to his bed and sat down.

"No thanks. I'm not hungry," he said.

"Come on Niall. Your just like me. You don't eat when your upset. When ever I was upset you would always make me feel better. How can I help?" I asked.

"Just leave me alone," he whisper. "Your just like me," he repeated. "Whenever your upset, you want to be left alone. That's what I want. I just want some quit," Niall said. I felt hurt. He had never said something like that to me before, but it was true. I set the sandwich on the bed then walked out and shut the door.

I went back to the kitchen and realized that I wasn't hungry either. I put everything up and walked into my room. I didn't really know what to do. Finally I decided on watching tv. I got up and walked out of my room. I stopped in front of Niall's door and heard him still playing guitar. I walked down the hall to the family room and sat down on the couch. I started flipping through the channels and stopped when I heard a soft knock on the door. I froze. Everyone that I knew would just walk in. They wouldn't knock. i slowly stood up and peered outside the window. I saw Louis red car sitting out on the street. I walked over to the door and looked through that window and saw Louis standing there. I opened the door.

"Louis!" I yelled. "Why didn't you just come in?" I asked as he hugged me.

"Well I thought that everything that has happened today, I didn't to scare you," he said as he kissed me. "I'm sorry I scared you love," he said as he kissed me again.

"Its ok, I forgive you," I teased. He smiled.

"Good. I hope you don't mind that I came over. Harry is really sad about everything and I can't stand to stay still," he said.

"I'm glad you came over cause Niall locked himself in his room and I'm the same way; I can't sit still for long," I laughed as we sat down on the couch. I leaned into Louis and rested my head and hand on his chest. Louis had one arm on my lap and the other around my shoulders.

"So how are you handling all of this?" Louis whispered in my ear.

"Honestly? I'm trying to hold all of my emotions in but its hard. I feel like I'm the one to blame about all of this,"

"Don't feel that way. It's not your fault."

"Yes it is. If I had never have ran away then none of this would be happening. Zayn would be alright and everyone wouldn't be so depressed,"

"And I would've met the most amazing girl in the world," Louis said softly as he kissed my head. "Your my angel. I don't care that all this came with you, all I care about is you. Your my everything," Louis whispered. I looked up at him and he kissed my lips. "Now how about we go do something fun? Get our minds off of everything?"

"Sure, what do you want to do?" I asked as I stood up and went to my room to change into something besides bloody clothes. I walked in the door of my room and Louis stopped right outside. "You don't have to stand out there like an idiot," I teased. "You can come in, as long as you promise not to peek," Louis walked in and sat down on my bed. He smiled sheepishly at me. I pulled out a light blue long sleeve shirt and some red skinny jeans. I quickly changes, feeling rather odd that Louis was there even though he wasn't looking. When I was done, I walked over to Louis and kissed him. He let out a little moan and opened his eyes.

"You look beautiful," he whispered. We kissed again and Louis grabbed my shoulders. He pulled me down on top of him and I let out a small moan. He ran his hands a long my body and rolled over so he was on top of me. I rubbed my hands along his chest and stomach. I could feel his abs. I don't really know how long this lasted but Louis stopped. "I'm sorry to stop love, but we don't want to be late," he said. We stood up and I looked in the mirror at my messy hair. I laughed a bit as Louis grabbed a brush and started to fix my hair for me.

"Where are we going?" I asked Louis as we walked out the front door. Louis held open his car door for me and I got in. Louis hopped in and started the car.

"I have some plans," Louis smirked as he drove away from the house.

"Common BooBear! Tell me," I pleaded.

"Nope, it's a secret. I've been planning this all week," Louis said, He laughed a bit and looked over at me. He reached over and grabbed my hand to hold it. "I love you Em," he said.

"I love you too Lou," I said.

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