Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


24. Drunk

Louis and I watched Niall run into the house. I didn't know what to do, but Louis figured that we should let him cool down before we went to talk to him. We walked back to the pool and Louis jumped in but I didn't feel like swimming so I sat down on one of the chairs and just watched the boy’s splash around and act like idiots. I thought about Niall. I felt really horrible about everything. I felt stupid for not telling Niall the moment everything happened, but I felt like even more of an idiot for being so stupid and letting it happen. I think Louis felt the same way cause he seemed less loud then he usually is. I decided that I would go and talk to him. Apologize for being so stupid and immature. I stood up and walked into the house. I ascended the stairs and walked to the end of the hall and knocked on Niall’s door. There was no answer so I decided just to open the door.

You could defiantly tell the difference between Niall's side of the room and Liam's side; Liam's side was very neat with all his clothes folded and put in the dresser, Niall's clothes were thrown all over the place. I looked around the room but didn't see Niall. I called out his name and waited for a response. When I didn't get one I walked out of the room and started yelling him name. After about 5 minutes of not getting a response I walked outside to the pool.

"Hey guys, I can't find Niall. Can you help?" I asked the boys. They all agreed to help and climbed out of the pool and went up to get changed. I walked around the house again calling Niall's name and then decided to search his room again. I walked over to his bed and saw a note on it.


Needed to clear my mind, I'll be back later



I showed the boys the note and they all didn't really know what it meant.

"Well where do you think he went?" Harry asked.

"He's Irish. Drinking is in his blood," I said. "He probably went to the pub. He would always go to the pub when he was stressed, and get majorly drunk," I said. Louis offered to drive but then remembered that the police still had our cars, so he offered to help me find the nearest pub.

We walked out of the house and walked around the empty neighborhood. We found the security booth and knocked on the door. A plump man opened the door and smiled at us.


"Hello, what can I do for ya?" he asked as he smiled.

"We are looking for my brother. He's a bit upset right now and we think he went to the pub. Do you know where the nearest pub is?" I asked.

"Oh, I was wondering why he wanted to find a pub. I never get people asking that very often," the man chuckled. "I'm Paul by the way," the man said extending his hand. Louis and I shoke it. "Yea I saw your brother. He looked real upset. I told him the nearest pub is right down this road. Take a left until you hit the town, and it'll be at the end of 45 street," Paul said.

We thanked him and took off in a run. I wanted to get to Niall before he could get too drunk. We took the left and just as Paul said, there was a little town. There was not a whole lot going on, only a few cars and several people walking. Louis and I found the pub and I told Louis to stay outside so I could talk to Niall first. Louis agreed and sat down on a nearby bench. I walked in the pub and only saw a few people eating and one blonde hair boy at the bar; Niall. I walked up to him and slid into the barstool next to him. Niall held a beer bottle in his hand and he stared at the wall without blinking.

"Niall, I'm sorry," I said. He broke out of his trance and looked at me. His pupils were dilated and I could tell that he was already drunk. "Louis and I never meant to hurt you,"

"That's not why I'm angry," Niall said, slurring some of the words together. "I'm mad because you didn't tell me. You’re my little sister. I'm not your mum. I don't care what you do with Lou. I'm mad because you didn't tell me. Did you ever intend to tell me?" he asked as he took another sip of his beer and set the empty bottle on the bar top.

"We wanted to, but we didn't know how," I said.

"You could’ve just told me. Then we wouldn't be in this mess," Niall said as he signaled the bar tender for another beer. I hung my head. I was so stupid. "How many times did you know... do it?" he asked. I figured he should know now.

"We did it only once, close one time but we stopped. And then the first night I stayed over at Lou's house, we were going to pull an all-nighter but we ended up falling asleep together, but nothing happened," I said. Niall nodded his head as he sipped his beer. "Can you come home now? All the boys are worried," I said as I started to stand up.

"I'm not done yet," Niall slurred as he finished his beer and asked for another. "I'll be home soon," Niall said as he took another sip of his beer.

"Fine, but that's your last beer," I said as I made sure the bar tender heard. He nodded. "Be back in an hour?" I asked. Niall nodded but didn't say anything. I stood up and walked out of the pub and walked over to Louis.

"Is he coming?" he asked as he grabbed my hand.

"He will be. He said he'd be back soon. He just needs to get a hold on things," I said as we started walking back to the safe house.

"Is he still mad at us?" Louis asked.

"I think he's too drunk to be mad, but I'm sure he is. I told him about it and he seemed ok with it. That's not the reason that he's mad. He said that he's mad because we didn't tell him," I said.

Louis didn't ask anything else after that. We just walked back to the house in silence. When we got back we opened the door and we could hear the boys downstairs. Louis decided to join them but I wanted to be alone. Louis gave me a kiss on my check and I walked up to my room. I closed the door and locked it. I pushed my suitcase into the closet and jumped onto my bed. I buried my head in the pillow and started to cry.

I cried about everything. Phil hurting Zayn. Louis and me. Niall and me. Phil after me. Everything was happening too fast. I was ready to end it all. I started this problem; I had to finish it...



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