Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


32. Back Again

Louis and I talked for a few hours and then we heard a small knock at the door. Niall and the other boys came walking in each holding a basket of candy or stuffed animals. They were all smiling and they all came over to give me hugs. A few minutes later the doctor came walking in. He checked my cuts and re bandaged them. I looked away when he took off the bandages cause it made me sick. The wounds stung when he re bandaged them, but he said that they were healing nicely and that I could go home!

The boys all helped me to stand up, just to practice walking. My legs were extremely stiff from not walking and my left leg that had the deep cut refused to carry any weight. I bent over in pain and Louis picked me up and set me on the bed. I gave him a shaky smile as I tried to stand up again but immediately sat down again. Niall walked out to talk to a doctor, he was probably telling him that I couldn't walk. I tried to stand up once more, this time I put all my weight on my good leg. I hopped around on that leg until the doctor came in with a wheelchair. I sat down on the bed and Louis sat down next to me.

"Since your arms are still sore, you can't use crutches, but you can use a wheelchair for mobility. Have someone push you of coarse so you don't rip out any of your stitches in your arm," the doctor said as he wheeled the wheelchair to me. Louis helped me stand up and sit down. "There you go, now just sign these papers and you will be free to leave. We will have someone call you for a monthly checkup. Just when your done, hand these papers to the front desk on this floor," the doctor said as he handed Niall a packet of papers and a pen.

Niall sat down on one of the chairs and started signing papers. When he was done he let me sign where I needed to. When all the papers were signed Niall pushed me out to the desk, the boys followed. Niall handed the papers to the secretary who told us that we were free to go. We headed towards the elevator and went down to the lobby. Niall left to go grab his car. Zayn, Harry, and Liam all left but before they all gave me a hug. Niall pulled the car up and Niall and Louis helped me get in. Louis rode in the back seat of the car and Niall drove us back to the house.

When we pulled up into the driveway a cop car was in the driveway. Niall helped me out and Louis rolled me into the house and into the kitchen where Officer Lyn and Officer Barker were. All the boys were sitting at the table while the officers stood by the back door. Louis rolled me up to the table and Niall and him both sat down next to me.

"We are glad to see that you are recovering," Officer Lyn said once we were all seated.

"We do have a few questions for you, if you wouldn't mind answering them. We are trying to get more evidence against Phil and Steve so we are sure to win the trial," Officer Barker said.

"I thought you already had enough evidence?" Liam spoke.

"We do but we still need to interview Ms Horan," Officer Barker said.

"Well everything that you want to know can be said in here. I'm not letting her out of my sight for awhile," Niall said as he put his hand on my wheelchair. I looked around the table and all the boys were nodding. I smiled.

"Fine. Ms Horan, can you tell us everything that happened since you left this house?" Officer Barker asked. I nodded.

"I drove to the school were Phil said to be. I got out and Phil got Niall out of the car. Niall got in and Phil put me in the back of the trunk after he tied my hands. I'm not sure how long we were driving but when Phil opened the trunk, Steve was there. We had stopped at that apartment building and Phil shoved a knife at me and said if I let any one know I was in trouble, he would stab me..." I continued to tell everything that happened up until Phil stabbed me and I fell unconscious again and woke up in the hospital.

When I was done the officers left. I yawned and Niall insisted that I went to bed. Louis rolled me over to the stairs and he picked me up as he tried not to hit any of my cuts. He carried me upstairs and Niall opened up my bedroom door. Louis set me down in the bed and Niall covered me with a blanket. Louis kissed my forehead and walked out. Niall looked down at me and smiled.

"This is exactly what I've been wanting," he said.

"Whats that?" I asked as I yawned again.

"You back with me, without any fear that Phil will get you. He's gone now, and he's not going to be getting out for a long long time," Niall whispered. I smiled. "Now get some sleep,"

Niall pulled the blanket up closer around my neck and walked out of the room. I heard him walk down the stairs and all the boys talking downstairs. For once in like four years, I actually felt safe. Phil was gone and I was back with my family. I smiled one last time as I dozed off into a very peaceful sleep.


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