Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


27. Alone *Niall's POV*

The officer's put me in the back of their police cruiser. I struggled to get out of their tight grip on my arms but the pushed me into the back and shut the door. One of them got into the car and drove off. The other officers that were in the house followed us. I banged my head against the back of the seat and looked out of the window. I felt like crap. My head hurt, my eye hurt where Phil and punched me, and most of all I was worried about Em. I can't believe that the police didn't follow her. They obviously didn't know Phil's power and capability. I knew that he was going to hurt Em, but this time was going to be much worse. I had watched him point that knife at her, he looked like he really wanted to stab her with it. And then he tied that rope around her wrists. He tied it tight and I could tell that it hurt Em. I wanted to run at him at that point. Punch him. Make him regret ever touching her in the first place. Then he made her get in the trunk and he drove away. With my little sister. My sister. My sister that I loved and cared about. My sister that I had promised that I would never let Phil get her again. I had let her down.

The officer pulled up to the police station and pulled me out of the car. I didn't feel like fighting back as he grabbed my arm. He led me inside and set me down on a chair. He told me to stay then walked over to the counter and grabbed a book. He wrote something in it then came back over to me and un-cuffed one of my hands and cuffed the other cuff onto the chair leg. He then grabbed my free hand, dunked one of my fingers ink and placed  the finger on the page he was writing on. Then he placed the book back on the desk.

"We're gonna place you in a cell, then Officer Barker will interview you in the morning," the officer said as he undid the handcuff on my other hand.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the back hallway. I was expecting him to turn left, like I was used to but instead he turned right and opened up a large door. The room was fairly small, or maybe it seemed smaller than it was because of the cells that lined the wall. There was three cells on both walls. No one was in any of the cells. The officer tugged on my arm and pushed me into a cell. He locked the door and then left. I looked around the cell. The only thing in it was a small metal toilet, a metal sink, and a small bed with a pale brown blanket on it. I walked over to the bed a laid down.

*Flashback when I was 12*

Em looked around excitedly. She was 9 years old and had just opened up her presents from mum, dad, and Greg. So far she had received a new alarm clock from dad, a new doll and doll house from mum, and a book from Greg. I had wanted to give her her present last. After all, you have to save the best for last. My gift was a special gift. I hoped that she liked it. I had been teaching Em guitar and she was learning fast. I had wanted to get her something that she could use all the time. I was too young and poor to buy her a guitar of her own, but I could afford a guitar pick with what little money I had. At first I thought that a guitar pick was a horrible present but when I went to the music store they had this purple guitar pick. I knew that Em would love it. I had gone home and found a small white box and place the pick inside.

I handed Em her present and she smiled at me as she opened the box. She picked up the small pick and looked at it. I thought she was going to hate it. I was the worst brother in the world. I was prepared for her to say how much she hated it put instead she jumped up off the ground and gave me a hug. I was surprised.

*3 and a half years later*

Em was 12, almost 13. She was sitting on my bed listening to me play guitar and sing. She fiddled with her guitar pick I had gotten her that she placed on a chain and wore all the time. It was her lucky charm. It was late and we both should've been asleep but mum and dad were fighting. Em had snuck into my room cause she was scared. Her room was right by the kitchen which was were mum and dad were. We had tried sleeping but the yelling kept getting louder. After about 4 hours of hearing them yell, we finally heard mum yell for dad to get out. That's when dad burst into my room. He was red with anger. He stormed in a grabbed Em's arm and pulled her out of my room. He was swearing as he pulled her out of my room. Then he swung her up and carried her out to her car. I tried to run after him but mum had stopped me. She was crying and I noticed a bright red mark on her head. He had hit her. He put Em in the back of his car. He said something to her and she nodded and calmed down.

*End flashbacks*

I sat up in bed and looked around. I was still in the jail cell. I was still alone. I stood up and peered out of the cold cell bars. There was nothing back black except for by the windows in each cell and the small window on the door that led to the hallway. I kicked the bars. I still felt horrible. I had promised that I would protect her, I had failed. And I don't think think that I could live with that. Em was gone, forever. 


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