Liam Payne and his friends Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, host a sleepover. They invite their girlfriends to spend the night. Everything is going fine until one of them gets a call. Then, horrible things start happening.

NOTE*** This is a NON-FAMOUS fan fiction story and there is no band.


1. Planning and Parties

Liam's P.O.V.

I am having a sleepover tonight. My best friends and their girlfriends are coming over. I set up the living room to sleep in and I have plenty of snacks to eat. Now, I just have to wait. 'DING DONG' the doorbell rang. I open it to see Louis and Elanor. ''Hi guys!'' I say to them. ''Hey Liam!'' Louis says back. I gesture for them to pick a spot. Then I join them and we wait. Suddenly, my door bursts open and in walks Harry and Alex. Followed by Zayn and Maxie and Niall and Tess. Finally, my girlfriend, Zoe arrives. I lock the doors and head to the living room. ''Hey guys!'' I shout. 'Wassup?'' I hear Harry yell. I head to the speakers and put on 'Chasing the Sun' by The Wanted. I see Niall and Tess go for the snacks first. Harry and Alex dance and Elanor and Louis sit talking on the couch. I head over to Zoe, pecking her on the lips. ''Hi Li.'' She says to me cheerily. ''Hey babe.'' I say in return. She starts dancing, and I join in. Then, 'Keep Holding On' by Avril Lavigne comes on. ''I love this song.'' Zoe says to me. ''Then let's dance.'' I put one hand on her waist and clasp the other with her's. We say back and forth to the music. I see her eyes tear up during the emotional song. When it ends, 'Bubblegum Boy' by Bella Thorne comes on. Everyone gets up to dance. Even the snackers. We dance and talk and eat for about a half hour. Then, the phone rings.

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