Liam Payne and his friends Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, host a sleepover. They invite their girlfriends to spend the night. Everything is going fine until one of them gets a call. Then, horrible things start happening.

NOTE*** This is a NON-FAMOUS fan fiction story and there is no band.


3. Knives and Notes

Liam's P.O.V.

I sat next to Harry on the couch, carefully watching. Alex sat on the ground, stroking his hair. ''Harry, I love you.'' she whispered. Harry let out a painful moan. Alex put her head down and I could hear her crying. Elanor clung to Louis, as did Tess, Maxie and Zoe, to Niall, Zayn and I. I heard the odd sniffle or moan. Other than that, it was silent. Silent of course, until we heard the smash. It came from the kitchen I ran in to see a window broken and a knife laying on the ground. It had a note. I read it out loud, "Dear 'Friends' this knife stabbed curly, enjoy the souvenier. P.S. the blonde one's next.'' I turned to see Niall looking shocked. ''I-I'm next?'' he stuttered. I ripped the note to pieces and left the knife. ''I'm next.'' I heard Niall mutter. Then the doorbell rang. ''I'll get it.'' Niall yelled. I herd the door open, and Niall yelp in pain. Then, the door slammed shut. I ran over and Niall was laying on the ground, not moving. I saw a knife in his gut area. Attached, was a note. I ran into the living room and read it. ''Blondie may or may not make it, I don't care, just letting you know, a girl may be next.'' I shuddered at the thought of my Zoe being hurt. I turned and ran to get Niall. I carried him in and heard Tess scream. ''NO!!'' She ran over. Tears were flowing out of everyone's eyes. I lay Niall on the ground and carefully remove the knife. He didn't move. ''No. He's gone.'' Tess cried. ''Maybe.'' I reminded her. She shook her head and sat next to Elanor, head in her hands. ''It'll be okay.'' Elanor soothingly said. Tess got up, and ran to the spare bedroom. I heard a scream and a thud. Everyone bolted upstairs. ''Serious-'' I began to shout, but I was inturrupted by Louis, ''Good God!'' Tess was dead. Her throat slit open. Elanor, Maxie, Zoe and Alex were sobbing. ''I'm so scared.'' I heard Zoe cry out. I saw a note by the window. I read it aloud, ''Surprise! Hope that was interesting enough. Next victim, secret. '' I carefully carried Tess to the bed, and lay her down, covering her body in a blanket. ''Rest in Peace.'' I muttered. Then, one by one, we filed out of the room, back to Niall and Harry. ''What happened?'' I heard Harry moan. I sat next to him and explained Tess' death. ''Geez.'' he muttered under his breath, then, he closed his eyes. I took a deep breath, and walked to the bathroom. I went in, locked the door and sighed. Then, I felt a sharp pain in my back. Before I could yell, my mouth was covered by something. I dropped to my knees, hit the floor and blacked out.

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