Liam Payne and his friends Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, host a sleepover. They invite their girlfriends to spend the night. Everything is going fine until one of them gets a call. Then, horrible things start happening.

NOTE*** This is a NON-FAMOUS fan fiction story and there is no band.


4. Death and Depression

Louis' P.O.V.

Liam had been gone for about 10 minutes now and I was worried. I went to check on him. I opened the door and saw him laying on the ground, facefirst. I closed the door and bent down. ''Liam.'' I whispered. He had a large cut in between his shoulderblades. That wasn't a good sign. There was tape over his mouth. I went and got Zayn. ''What is it?'' he asked, when I dragged him to the bathroom. I opened the door and showed him. ''Darn.'' he breathed. ''Another.'' I shook my head. ''He's breathing. Help me take him out.'' So we dragged Liam out into the living room. ''No. No not Liam.'' Zoe muttered. She walked over quickly. ''Not Liam.'' I carefully placed Liam on the ground and removed the tape. Zoe watched him. I took his spot next to Harry. I saw him move a little, then mumble, ''Is it over? Are we safe?'' I felt bad for him. ''No. They got Liam. He's alive, but in pain, like you.'' I told him. Suddenly, Elanor stood up, and walked away. I watched her carefully, and saw nothing suspicious. After about 10 minutes, I went to check on her. I saw her sitting crying. She had deep cuts on her wrists. ''Baby, why?'' I asked sitting next to her. She looked at me, ''I couldn't take it. I'm scared.'' I hugged her tightly. ''It'll be fine.'' I took her hand and walked to the living room to see Niall, dead. ''What happened?'' Zayn spoke up, ''He came and finished him.'' he was shaking. I collapsed and just there. How is this happening? Why to such innocent people?


AUTHOR'S NOTE: ~This is a short chapter sorry! Yes, Niall is dead. Sorry Niall lovers!~

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