Liam Payne and his friends Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, host a sleepover. They invite their girlfriends to spend the night. Everything is going fine until one of them gets a call. Then, horrible things start happening.

NOTE*** This is a NON-FAMOUS fan fiction story and there is no band.


2. Calls and Chaos

Liam's P.O.V.

I rush to pick it up, and Harry turns down the stereo. ''Hello'' I say as I pick it up. ''I'm watching you.'' I voice says. ''Beware, because I'm coming soon.'' I hang up. ''Who was it?'' Zoe asks, sliding her arm around my waist. ''I don't know, but they said they were coming.'' I told everyone. Elanor had a terrified look on her face. She grabbed Louis. ''I'm scared.'' she whispered. ''Don't be. It's probably a prank.'' Louis told her. I nodded and turned the music back on. The mood wasn't as cheery as before, but I understood why. Elanor's phone rang and she went into the other room to take it. She came back looking pale. ''Baby what's wrong?'' Louis said rushing over. ''I-I got the call.''she said. I heard a few gasps come from the room. Then, Alex's, Tess' and Zoe's phones rang. Each got the same call. Finally, the rest rang and were answered to the mystery voice. I turned off the music and we all sat together on the couch. ''What do we do?'' Alex asked in tears. Niall shook his head, ''I don't know. I really don't.'' I sighed. This was getting out of hand. ''Calm down.'' I shouted. Everyone froze. Then, Harry stood up and walked to the bathroom. ''Just try to stay calm, please.'' I begged. I saw nodding. We sat in silence, until we heard a scream. ''HARRY!'' I shouted. We ran down the hall and I opened the door to see Harry on the ground. ''OH MY GOD!'' I shouted. ''What the hell happened!'' He groaned and pointed to an open window. I quickly closed it and examined Harry. ''Are you okay?'' I asked. ''No.'' he moaned and clutched his side. I moved his hand and looked. There was a huge gash in his side. ''Harry!'' Alex yelled. She broke down in Elanor's arms. I scooped up Harry and headed for the door. When my phone went off. Louis grabbed it and answered. ''Hello?'' the voice answered, ''Don't leave, or you'll be next.'' Louis hung up and said, ''We can't leave.'' ''What!?'' I shouted. ''Harry is dying!'' He nodded, ''I know, but the attacker is waiting.'' I sighed and placed Harry on the couch. He took a deep breath. ''It hurts.'' he moaned. ''It hurts.'' I nodded, ''I know Harry, it's gonna be okay though.'' I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a towel, then I carefully placed it on Harry's wound. I could see the pained look on his face, and it was upsetting. ''Will he be okay?'' Tess asked. I looked at her frightened face and said, ''I don't know.''

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