1. Who

I stare at the celing,

I can't sleep.

So many thoughts,

So many fears in my mind.


I can't smile,

It hurts.

I can't laugh,

That hurts too.


You don't know how I feel,

How much pain there are,

How it kills me slowly,

You can't know.


I wake up everyday,

And it hurts to breathe.

The cold blade,

Reminds me my heartbeats.


When the blood is streaming down,

The tears do too.

When life gets harder,

Fighting does too.


I used to be the innocent girl,

Used to make my parents proud.

Now I'm nothing,

I've let them down.


I'm alone,

In this cruel world.

Living is not a choice for me,

Not anymore.


Pretending feels like,

Breathing now.

Fake smiles are,

A part of me now.


I'm the invisible girl,

Fighting for survival,

Looking for a light,

Waiting for my angel.


Noone can save me,

I shouls stop believing that.

Noone cares about me,

They don't love me.


I used to dream,

A happy life with you.

Now that you've left me,

My only dream is dying with you.


What is love?

What is happiness?

I don't know those,

But I know darkness.


Everyone turned their back at me,

I've lost everyone.

I can't live like this,

But who should I say goodbye?



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