1. Lost

After the rain,

There's no rainbow.

After the night,

There is no sunlight.


Look into my eyes,

Can you see my pain?

Can you see the truths,

The mistakes I've made.


As the smoke clears,

Tears stop.

Put a fake smile on,

An the pretending starts.


How can I run away,

And get out of this life?

Maybe it'll be, 

Easier to breathe somehow.


I just sit here,

Thinking how I got here,

How fucked up I am,

How to go find my way back.


But I can't find it anywhere,

Because if you're in the darkness once,

I'm sorry darlin,

There is no way out.


I'm lost,

And noone can save me.

I'm all alone,

With my miserable destiny.


I can't decide,

What to do.

Should I give up?

Should I leave?


I don't feel anything,

I'm so numb.

I'm nothing.

Noone really cares about me.


I've thought about suicide,

Way too many times.

And I cry myself to sleep,

Every night.


I cut myself,

To ease the pain.

It's funny how the same thing,

Stops itself.


Now I'm lying on my bed,

So many scars on me,

So many thoughts in my head,

So many tears rolling down.


I close my eyes,

And hope to die.

But the next day I wake up,

And the world is black more than ever.


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