Mini One Direction story.

This was my school assignment. Lol my teachers hate me. -.-


3. Goodnight Nialler

What? Since when does Niall not run to a source of food? Whatever.’ I just shrugged it off. When Louis was out of sight Niall looked me in the eye and said;

“Don’t tell Lou but you look better in stripes then he does.” He chuckled. I giggled

“Okay!” I replied. He bent down and whispered in my ear,

“We should get inside.” His voice sent shivers down my spine. Not the bad kind of shivers you get when you’re scared but the good kind you get when you’re excited and nervous. He grabbed my hand and dragged me inside. To be honest I just wanted to stay out there with him all night.

I sighed but followed him into the house. For the next two hours we just partied and danced around. Then I looked at my phone and saw that it was 1:00am.

“CRAP!” I yelled.

“What’s wrong love?” He asked. I could see the genuine concern in his eyes.

“I have to get home.” I said with a sad sigh.

“Oh. Would you like me to drive you?” He asked. ‘Such a gentleman.’   I thought.

“Yeah that would be nice. But hang on I have to tell Sarah.” I said before running off to find Sarah.

“SARAH CHRISTENE MOORE!!” I yelled over the music. Everyone was starting at me.

“ALYSSA LEE KOBLER!!” She yelled back.

“I’m going home. Niall is giving me a ride okay?” I asked.

“Yeah Louis said he would take me home.” She said with a smile on her face. We always said that if Niall picks me then she would either go with Louis or Liam, because we both adored Niall.

“OOOO!!” I yelled trying to embarrass her.

“YEAH!!” She yelled back showing no sign of embarrassment. I frowned at my failed attempt to embarrass her and walked away.

I found Niall again and he drove me home. The ride there was silent except for me occasionally telling him when to turn. It wasn’t an awkward silent though, it was more of a comforting silence. When we pulled up to my house I sighed.

“Can I see your phone?” Niall asked me. I gave it to him without hesitation. I knew he was going to put his phone number in it. He handed it back to me and I looked at his contact name. It was; MyLittleLeprechaun<3xx. I laughed, and locked my phone. I started to get out of the car when I herd Niall start singing Moments. I smiled and got back in the car. His voice was so angelic and perfect, it brought tears to my eyes. When he was finished he looked at me and smiled.

I blushed and looked into his beautiful blue eyes.

“Alyssa, I know we have only known each other like four hours but would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” He asked rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Oh my gosh Niall YES!” I exclaimed. I have been dreaming about this day sense 2010 when I saw them on the X-Factor. I never thought that it would actually happen. He smiled and kissed me on the cheek.  

“Goodnight love.” He said with his fabulous Irish accent and a smile.

“Goodnight Nialler.”

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