Mini One Direction story.

This was my school assignment. Lol my teachers hate me. -.-


4. 3 Years Later

*3 Years Later*

Well it’s been three years sense the Halloween party. Niall and I are still going strong. Sarah and Louis, well lets just say it was love at first sight. Apparently when she told me that he was taking her home that night she forgot to tell me that he had already asked her out. Don’t ask me how you forget to tell someone that but she did.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Niall and I are going to dinner.

            When we got to Nandos, Niall’s favorite restaurant, it was completely empty. ‘Well this is odd…’ I thought. Nandos was never empty.

“Hey Niall why is it so empty?” I asked, very confused.

“Oh I rented it out.” He said beaming.

“Oh. Okay!” I said.

When we were done eating we went for a walk through the park. We sat down on one of the benches. I don’t want this night to end. We were sitting on the bench when I herd the music to Little Things playing. I looked over at a smiling Niall. I gave him a confused look. He just smiled and Zayn started singing, “Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me…”

            When Niall’s solo came he looked directly at me and started singing, “You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you, you’ll never treat yourself right darlin’, but I want you to, if I let you know, I’m here, for you maybe you’ll love yourself like I, love you, Oh…” I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. They just started falling. When they finished the song Niall was looking at me smiling. I’m pretty sure that my smile was as big as my face.

“Alyssa, I love you.” He said while getting down on one knee, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” He asked with a smile. I just stood there smiling, unable to form words. After what felt like an hour of just standing there, I finally said…



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