Poison (Song + Cover Competition entry)

To the tune of Poison (type in Lady Gaga - Poison into YouTube, it's not actually Lady Gaga, it's just a fanmade instrumental). For my Music class.


1. The lyrics...

[Verse 1]

Recognition of your face,

In a cold and a lonely place,

I close my eyes,

I'm hypnotised,

By the darkness of your poison eyes...



I shouldn't let you get to me,

But I needed you so desperately,

And when you held me in your arms,

You were killing me inside...

-But this time-



You locked me away,

You threw away the key,

I didn't see the day

When you'd be walking away...

We're one and the same,

Oh, I'm so ashamed,

To be where you want me to be... (in italics = only in the first chorus)

I will survive,

Through all your lies,

Just drink that Poison,

Drink that Poison (You'll never see me again)

I'll beat you at your games,

Don't scream my name,

Yeah, you're dead to me,

At least you will be... (We used to be friends...)

I'd built up my walls,

Waited for you to call,

But of course you never did,

I was so stupid...(you were out there with her)

Over you, I cried,

Now it's your turn to die,

Just drink that Poison,

That poison... (Now it's your turn to die)

*The rest is still to come*

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