Falling in love with the bad boy

Lottie Tomlinson has had a hard life with bullies at school and an abusive father at home, while her mother doesn't do anything to stop it because she is too afraid. Her mother finally decides that she has had enough of the abuse and she moves her and Lottie to Doncaster from Virginia. Lottie has to attend a whole new school, where she meets the school bad boy, Nathan. Will she fall in love with the school bad boy? What happens when her past makes an unexpected visit? What happens when an unexpected secret comes up? Well... read the book and find out! LIKE, COMMENT, AND FAN!!!


3. Too much to handle....

Lottie's POV:

"HOLY FUDGE NUTS!!!! What are you doing in my house?!" I screamed at him and started to panic, thinking that it was someone working for my dad, trying to bring me back to him.

"Calm down darling" my mom told me and that snapped me out of my mini little panic attack. I stared at her with a questioning look and then she sighed and told me that he was part of the things that she needed to explain to me. 

"Well don't just stand out there, go inside" she told me and the dude in front of the door moved to the side. Out of the side of my eye I saw my mom hug the guy and kiss him on the cheek. When I walked into the living room the first thing I saw were 4 other boys and a 40 year old looking man sitting on the couches. The boys looked around my age. There was a guy on the couch mumbling about cats, another one admiring his reflection into a spoon, while one of the guys was trying to either get away from him or the spoon I don't know, and the last one was eating like he had never eaten before. I was snapped out of my thoughts when my mom told me to go and sit on one of the couches. I took the one furthest from the boys. I looked up and saw all of them looking at me and a blush rose up to my cheeks. Then I turned to glance at my mom with a confused look.

"Lottie please understand why I had to do this" I was confused but continued to listen to her "When you were young I divorced your father and got married to that sorry excuse of a step-father who you grew up with. That man over there sitting on the coach is your real father. Let me continue now, but I didn't just have you, I had another child before you" pointing to the boy that opened the door," His name is Louis. Me and your father had arguments a lot so we decided to get a divorce. He took Louis and I took you" she smiled sadly at me " When your step-father had hit you that last time. I called your real dad and asked him if we could come live here with them and he said yes because he wanted to see what his daughter looked like" I looked over at my dad and saw that he had tears in his eyes and so did Louis"Louis here is in a band called One Direction with the other boys on the couch over there.Their names are Harry (cat boy), Zayn (vain boy), Liam (spoon boy), and Niall (food boy). "So that's it, Lottie are you ok?" she looked at me with a worried expression.

"I'm fine mom. It's just a lot to take in."  I told her. I thought about is some more. It wasn't her fault, she just  wasn't happy. I looked over at my mom and got up and ran and hugged her and we started to cry. I pulled away I went and hugged my REAL dad really tightly and he did the same in return. I pulled back and saw the tears dripping down his face, I moved my hand and wiped away his tears away which caused him to smile. I let go of him and turned to look at Louis, I wasn't really sure what to do, but apparently he did. He ran up to me and hugged me, i started laughing, something I did very rarely. Soon, I found myself in a 5 way hug 'looks like the other boys have joined' I thought.

We all pulled away and my mom told me that I started school tomorrow and that she had already bought all of my supplies for school. I then asked her where my room was and she told me that Louis would show me. He walked me to my room, I opened the room and saw the most beautiful room I had ever seen. There was a queen sized bed with a lot of pillow on it, there were red rugs on the floor and on my desk there was my very on mac laptop. I was feeling very tired so I told my mom I was going to sleep. I immediately fell asleep when I got onto the bed.

*In the Morning*

My alarm beeped which told me to get up and to get ready for school. I brushed my teeth, then walked to my closet and opened up to find clothes in there and they were all my size. I picked out black skinny jeans, a blue tank top, blue heels, and to top it all off I pulled out a black leather jacket. When I looked into the mirror, I was surprised that I actually looked nice. I grabbed my backpack and went downstairs, where there were eggs and bacon there for me to eat. I ate my breakfast and met my mom outside where she was waiting in the car. I got in and we headed of to school.

*At school*

"Bye mom" I told my mom before I shut the door. I could feel a lot of stares on my back. I got the courage to start walking, but the problem was I didn't know where the administration/office was. I was starting to give up until a girl came up to me and asked" Are you lost?" I gave her a 'is it that obvious look' . She just smiled at me and grabbed my arm and started dragging me down the hall ignoring the whispers. We arrived at the office and before I could tell her thanks she ran off. I shrugged than turned back around and I bumped into a wall. I stumbled back words and opened my eyes and was shocked not to see a wall there but a SEX GOD standing before me with a smirk on his face " watch it new girl" he told me than he walked away. All I could think of was 'HOT!'. He was wearing a white tight shirt and you could see all of his muscles. a leather jacket and a pair of black jacket with combat boots. I got my schedule and then I headed off to first period. When I walked into class I realized that I was late and the SEX GOD was sitting at the back of the class smirking at me."Hi, My name is Mr.Reed. Could you please introduce yourself to the class?" "Sure, Hi my name is Lottie Tomlinson", I managed to say without stuttering. I was showed to my seat by Mr.Reed, which so coincidentally was right next Mr.SEX GOD

I droned out for the rest of the class. Suddenly, I heard  the bell ring so I got up slowly and started to pack my bag, when I looked up i realized that the class was empty . What I didn't see was Mr.SEX GOD closing the door and locking it. He then turned around and said,"New Girl, how about you introduce yourself to me properly, then I will tell you what I want from you". I opened my mouth and said.....




Hey guys sorry most of this was a filler! I will update ore sometime soon. Thanks for reading!






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