Falling in love with the bad boy

Lottie Tomlinson has had a hard life with bullies at school and an abusive father at home, while her mother doesn't do anything to stop it because she is too afraid. Her mother finally decides that she has had enough of the abuse and she moves her and Lottie to Doncaster from Virginia. Lottie has to attend a whole new school, where she meets the school bad boy, Nathan. Will she fall in love with the school bad boy? What happens when her past makes an unexpected visit? What happens when an unexpected secret comes up? Well... read the book and find out! LIKE, COMMENT, AND FAN!!!


1. Moving?! Say what?!

Lottie's POV:

Let me start of by introducing myself. My name is Lottie Tomlinson, same as Louis Tomlinson's last name. Ironic right? Anyways I am 5'2, blonde, and a I have blue eyes. You would think that people call me pretty but they all just say I'm ugly. I am a junior in high school. I don't have any friends because they all don't want to get on the "populars" bad side. So enough about me and let me tell you my story.







These are all the words that my bullies call me. I don't get why they hate me so much, I have never done anything to them. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I was roughly pushed up against my locker by one of the school sluts, Brittney.

"Watch where your going loser!" she cackled wildly at me like it was the most funniest thing in the world.

"Sorry" I quickly and quietly said.

I quickly got up and started walking to my locker to get my stuff and head home for the day.

A few minutes later I had put all my stuff into my locker and started walking home when it starts to rain. I quickly as I can run back home where I hope my father isn't at right now. I walk up the driveway and see my fathers car there. I quietly tip toe into the house hoping that my dad doesn't hear me. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

"Lottie get in here NOW!"

I quickly walk into the living room where my mom is standing far away from my father at the back of the room.

"Yes father? You called me?" I asked quietly looking at my feet.

"You were supposed to be here an hour ago! Where have you been?" he asked harshly.

"Where do you think I have been?" I replied sarcastically.

The next thing I know is that I'm on the ground with a searing pain in my cheek.

"Watch who you are talking to young lady!" he spat at me and with one final kick in the stomach he left me laying on the ground in pain. When I looked up I saw my mother mouthing some words to me but I couldn't understand what she had said. Until she said it out loud I got what she had said she had mouthed the word "soon" and with that said she turned around and left me there. I got up and went to do my homework. I shortly fell asleep after that.

Later that night I felt someone shaking me. I woke up and saw my mom standing there.

She told me to quickly get up and pack a bag because we were moving.

"Really?!" I asked her.

She told me to quiet down and she said yes really so hurry up. I quickly got up and packed the few things that I have and with that I walked outside to where my mom was with her car. We quickly got in and sped down the driveway. She told me to get some rest and that we would be there soon. When I woke up we were in a plane I asked my mom again "where are we going" and she just said we would be there soon and for me to get some rest. The next time I woke up I finally realized where we were. We were in......












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