A Rose's Thorn

Rose swears to herself that she will not let herself get close to a boy until she trusts them. Jason promises herself to find a special girl following his break up with a girl. He eventually has his eyes on Rose - his ex best friend who he left for popularity - and does anything he can to get her. Rose can't stand his actions and the way he tries to get her attention. What will bring them closer? Or perhaps, further apart? Maybe, a rose will do. Beautiful but dangerous.


1. Prologue

Rosemarie's Point of View  

There are those days when people have the excitement and anticipate occasions that will be enjoyable. There are those days when you just want to be alone. There are those days where you take everything in and take it personally. There are those days where  you are so clueless about everything around you. There are those days where you are just so joyful that you don't care about what other people think. Those days, those days, those days! They're just another kind of fad.  

I have three of those days - days where I want to be alone, days where I take everything in so personally and those days where I am so clueless about everything. I'm a bookworm. I'm not popular. People say I need to make more friends and be more social. Don't give me any advice on how to live, thanks.   

School's a boredom. I spend most of my free time reading and my free time overpowers the time of my studying. I hate to brag, but I know a lot of information. I'm a nerd, as some may say.   

My family's different now. Ever since things have majorly changed, everyone's been acting different. Mum's got diabetes; Dad's a workaholic and stressed out from his workload; my brother James is in university, studying his arse off to get his law degree; my pop is in depression after my nan recently passed away.  

It's all changed, especially for me. I used to be a cheerful and quirky girl who loved to help everyone. I used to be crazy and wild and loved to have fun. Now, my motto has changed. It's all about working hard and not wasting time. I strive too hard, I read way to much and I certainly don't let boys get in my way, except for my brother, James.   

My best friend left me for popularity. It was either me or his reputation. I loved him. I really did. He hurt me - he broke my heart from his actions and decisions. I still see him everyday. It pains me to see him walk past me without ignoring me or have someone throw in a nasty comment. He was the one who made silly jokes up and always managed to crack me up. I can't forgive him - he's done worse.  

I swear I don't trust boys. And I swear, I will never ever let boys come close to me until I am comfortable and trust them. Back off, guys.  

Jason's Point of View  

I'm walking home from Talia's home. Talia's my ex girlfriend of five months. We just broke up after agreeing that we won't last long anyway. It was a mutual decision but Talia will probably spread the rumour saying that I dumped her. I'm not upset. My heart hasn't been torn into two. I'm somewhat glad that we broke up and left it so the two of us can still be friends.  

Talia's a popular girl just as I am a popular guy. Our school's of reasonable size. We have nearly a thousand students in Birmingham, England. We're seniors and we have around two hundred students in our year.  

I play football for the school along with my mates, Adam, Jordan and Nathan. I'm pretty good at the sport. Coach says I have a lot of potential making it into a state or the national team.   My family's not rich. I don't have a swimming pool in the backyard. I don't have maids. I have an ordinary and loving family. My Mum's an event planner whereas my Dad's an accountant. My older sister, Alexa, has already married and is pregnant with a boy. Life can be hard but it's all worth it as we all love each other.  

My best mate, Adam, says that I should never find too many girls. It'll make me look like a player. I'm not going to do that.  

I promise myself that I will find a special girl and hopefully, be the one for me. I want to find a girl that will make me fall in love with her, a girl who will appreciate me for who I am and not what I look like and a girl who will understand and trust me. Obviously, it's also what I need to do - love, appreciate, understand and trust her. I'm on the hunt, girls.

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