Stylist Situation

Amity graduated from beauty and fashion college with belle. Tee is working for Victoria secret and is stylist and doing the makeup for the show. One direction is performing at the show and it turns out that belle is their stylist. They catch up and become BFFs again. Tee meets 1D. Tee helps belle with the styling for 1D and ends up going on their tour! Tee has a massive crush! Who could it be? Will he like her back? Drama and Romance


9. 9


Chapter 9:

Amity’s Outfit:

Belle’s Outfit:

(Amity’s POV)

I am in the car driving home from Miranda’s house, I had been babysitting Flynn overnight. It was the last time I would see him before Christmas as Victoria Secret is not having any other shows for this year, unless he came to work with Miranda. He was the cutest baby ever! I loved him, and he slept like an angel. I got over there at 9 (after the movie night) and he was asleep, he woke up twice during the night but other than that he was great! One of the easiest baby’s to look after! I loved children, especially younger children. I could not wait to be a mum when I was ready. When I was little and people asked me what I wanted to be I usually said mum or teacher! I have always wanted to have children.

I turned on the radio just in time to hear ‘Now the most requested song as well as the number one on iTunes! Here’s One Direction with Little Things!’ I pulled over immediately and got out my phone to text Liam. Amity: Little Things is the most requested song on the radio and its number 1 on iTunes Congrats! Thanks for inviting me last night, had a gr8 time xx He replied saying Liam: Thanks Tee we just found out ourselves! Thanks for coming Liam x

I just put my phone down when I heard it ring. I was never going to get home at this stage! I pulled over again and answered it. It was Belle, she sounded very panicked. ‘Tee, I need your help, I’m never going to get all the boys costumes and clothes done in time for the tour! I’m freaking out, I just can’t do it theirs so much pressure and I just can’t do it in this amount of time! What am I going to do! The boys need their clothes!’ she was nearly hyperventilating! ‘Come over to my apartment now and we can talk about it,’ I said calmly.

She knocked on the door about two minutes after I got there. I got her to sit down and explain to me the issue. She said that she would not be able to get everything don’t in this short amount of time, and that it was really hard to do it all by herself, she said that the boys told her that she can hire another stylist so that she can get it all done but she has never found the right one! She explained that she definitely needed one otherwise she would not be able to get it done and it was a necessary job, because the boys needed clothes!

‘I’ve got it,’ I said, ‘I could be the second stylist, Victoria secret is not having any more shows for this year, which means I only have to go into work once a week! I can come and help you and work with you until I need to go back!’ I liked my plan, it would give me something to do instead of just being lazy and doing nothing all week, I could spend more time with the boys and I could help Belle!

‘The brilliant Tee, would you be able to? That will help me so much!’ she said. ‘Sure, when do you want me to start? I can’t do Thursdays because that’s my Victoria secret day but I can do the others,’ I replied. ‘Um, would you be able to start tomorrow?’ she said. I told her that’s fine and she ran me through all the things I needed to know to work with the boys.

These are the main things: you have to let them have fun, but also make them do work, there will be 10 interviews, 14 shows and 10 meet and greets for the tour! So they need a different outfit for each one, but they can have the same outfit for the interviews and meet and greets because they are after each other. So that means 24 outfits, but you can have like the same pants and different shirts and stuff like that. There was a lot to take in, she said that she would run me though it tomorrow when we start! She said that for tomorrow I can watch her work and just help here and then I can do it by myself the other days, we would be in the same room so we can help each other if needed. I was excited because what I wanted to be was a stylist for a famous band!

Now the important question ‘What do I wear?’ I asked. ‘Just what you would usually wear to work at Victoria Secret,’ she replied. I took her into my room and showed her a section in my cupboard that had all my work clothes; they were nearly black, white and grey. She said that they were perfect! She said I did not need to bring anything because everything was already there.

We ended up talking about Belle and Zayn, she said that she had a date tomorrow night and did not know what to wear so we decided to go to her apartment and pick choose her outfit. As soon as we got there, we went into her bedroom and looked through her outfits, I found white and gold dress, and we both agreed it would be perfect. We matched it with black wedges and gold jewellery. I said bye to Belle and went home, I had to call my family, I had not talked to them for weeks and I felt really bad. 

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