Stylist Situation

Amity graduated from beauty and fashion college with belle. Tee is working for Victoria secret and is stylist and doing the makeup for the show. One direction is performing at the show and it turns out that belle is their stylist. They catch up and become BFFs again. Tee meets 1D. Tee helps belle with the styling for 1D and ends up going on their tour! Tee has a massive crush! Who could it be? Will he like her back? Drama and Romance


7. 7


Chapter 7:

(The characters are wearing the same outfits as previous chapter)

(Gemma POV)

Harry is so nice! He is easy to talk to and so funny. We have so many things in common! We like cooking, Coldplay, Adele and tacos. We talked about likes, dislikes and work. I loved hearing the stories of what it was like to be in one direction. He told me about all the pranks he had pulled on the boys. We decided that we needed to prank Amity because she does not have a little brother to do it! She only has an older brother and sister.

We spent a long time trying to figure out what we could do. We will tell Louis but we can’t tell Liam because he will tell us not to do it! We thought of all the things that she is scared of: cows, house fires and storms. ‘She does not like liars, spiders, snakes, cows, storms, dead things, scary movies, Halloween cause its scary, basically anything scary,’ I said to harry, ‘that’s good, we can work with that,’ he replied, he had this evil look on his face. ‘What are you thinking harry?’ I asked. ‘Well, we can do something that is scary, put dead things in it and do something with a scary movie,’ he said his face lit up I knew he had an idea.

‘We can invite her to a movie night we are having one tonight but that’s too close to organise anything, we will have to do another one and we can play a movie that she really likes but edit a scary face into the movie, so like half way through the movie this scary face will light up! And we can play scary music, and make it like there is something else in the room, like a ghost or demon or something!’ he was very pleased with his idea. ‘That’s perfect she is going to be so scared! Is there anything you need me to do?’ I said. ‘No leave it up to me and lou we have got this covered!’ he said, we exchanged phone numbers so we could text and call to organise everything.

(Harry’s POV)

I was so impressed with my idea. This was going to scare Tee so bad I bet she will not sleep for days! I will have to tell the other boys but not belle cause she might tell Tee and not Liam cause he will tell as not to do it, like always! I really like Gemma, she’s really nice, I could tell we are going to be great friends. I bet Lou will like her as well! She can become a really good friend of mine and the boys, we can have her over for movie nights and stuff. We can do even more pranks, she is so funny and we get along so well. I can tell that if she becomes good friends with the band then she will be with me and lou, we are the cheeky and funny ones. This is going to be a great prank! Now I just have to get it organised.

Well I can talk to lou about it tonight during the movie. I don’t think I will tell Niall and Zayn though because then we can scare them as well! This is awesome it’s going to be the best prank ever! The movie can be ‘Grease’ because Tee said she liked it the other day. I’ve got the setting, now I just need the music, creepy voice and face that will scare Tee! Just then Tee and Zayn walked but into the room, Gemma quickly changed the conversation, she was like an actress, it looked so real and like we had not changed the topic at all, they totally bought it. We said our good byes and as we walked out I remembered ‘Oh Tee, we want you to come to our movie night tonight, it’s at our hotel, just say your name at the front desk and they will let you up!’ I said, ‘Sounds great, what time?’ she replied, smiling. ‘Um around 7, we will be having pizza for dinner,’ she said she would see you there and shut the door.

(Amity’s POV)

I was so excited! I looked at gem, and said ‘You can come with me if you want!’ ‘No I’m ok, I have to go to a friend’s house for dinner anyway, let’s go and pick your outfit!’ she replied. We walked to my bedroom, and opened the cupboard, the good thing about being a stylist and having friends as stylists you can always pick the perfect outfit! I did not want to make it to casual but I did not want to make it to dressy, It had to be just right. Gem and I started on opposite ends of my cupboard and started looking through my clothes. I had so many! No, no, no, no, maybe, maybe, no, no. we put all the maybes on a pile on my bed. Then Gemma found it, it was perfect, it was an emerald green asymmetric dress, with a little gold belt, exactly what I wanted. Now the accessories, the jewellery needs to be gold to match the belt. Gemma walked over to find some accessories and I went to get some shoes. I needed flats because heels would make it to dressy, I found a pair of gold sandals they matched the belt perfectly, they were definitely the pair of shoes I needed. I showed them to Gemma and she nodded approvingly.  She held up a gold pyramid necklace and making earings.

‘It’s the perfect outfit,’ Gem said, ‘I have to go now, but make sure you send me a picture of the finished look and have a great time,’ ‘You to gem, have a great time with your friend, I will text you a photo when I’m done, thanks so much for your help, see you soon!’ I said as she walked back to her apartment.

There was 1 and a half hours till I needed to leave. I had a shower and washed my hair. I sat down and watched TV for half an hour letting my hair dry a little bit. I fully dried my hair, and curled it into loose waves. I applied natural makeup, I did not want to overdo it! I painted my nails gold. I slipped on my dress and put on my shoes. Put on my accessories and I was ready to go! I picked up my phone and quickly text Liam, Amity: leaving now will be there in 20 -30 mins, c u soon xx

 (Liam’s POV)

‘I just got a text from Tee she will be here in 20 mins,’ I told everyone. Lou, haz and nialler were sitting next to each other on, Zayn and belle where opposite them and I was sitting by myself. There was a knock on the door and it must be Tee because everyone else is here. I got up to get the door when harry ran in front of me. ‘I beat you Liam! You lose!’ he yelled. They are so immature some times. ‘Hi harry, haven’t seen you in ages,’ she said. ‘I know, what has it been, 4 hours,’ he said and she laughed and smiled. ‘Am I missing something?’ I said once I reached the door. ‘Oh nothing Harry and Zayn just came to my apartment for a visit today, so what movie are we watching?’ she said.

I led her into the room and she sat down next to me. ‘I don’t know, I think love actually because Haz loves that movie,’ I said. ‘Ok sounds good to me,’ she was so easy going! ‘You look really beautiful tonight,’ I said. She smiled, have a mentioned how much I love her smile! It is amazing, it makes my day. I really like her, but the thing that scares me is that I hardly know her! We only met a couple of days ago! If there is such thing as love at first sight then I think I have found it. I looked at her, she looked back at me and then nodded to Zayn and Belle.

They were nearly sitting on top of each other! Zayn really likes her he has since she started working with us! I wish he would just ask her out! I’m pretty sure that she likes him back but I’m not really the best person to ask! I wonder why Zayn and Harry went to Amity’s today? Maybe they needed to talk? Maybe harry likes her more than I friend? Oh maybe she likes him back? He did run to the door! Maybe I’m just overreacting! I don’t know.

She looked amazing, she looked gorgeous in her dress and everything matched. Stylists always have the best outfits, well I suppose they have to its kinda their job! I looked down into her blue eyes, her makeup made them appear even bluer! I smiled and she smiled back. There was a sparkle in her eye. I was falling in love with her! And this scared me!


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