Stylist Situation

Amity graduated from beauty and fashion college with belle. Tee is working for Victoria secret and is stylist and doing the makeup for the show. One direction is performing at the show and it turns out that belle is their stylist. They catch up and become BFFs again. Tee meets 1D. Tee helps belle with the styling for 1D and ends up going on their tour! Tee has a massive crush! Who could it be? Will he like her back? Drama and Romance


6. 6


Chapter 6:

(The characters are wearing the same outfits as previous chapter)

(Amity POV)

I was sitting on the couch when there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it, when I got a text. I quickly grabbed my phone of the table and answered the door. It was Gemma and she was holding a cupcake. She had come to thank me for helping her today and said that it really helped. We discussed her options she said that she was thinking of quitting from Victoria Secret because she wanted to be the stylist for a band and not just the assistant stylist that does not get a say!

We talked for another 10 minutes when I got another text, I totally forgot about the first one! It turned out that they were from Zayn. The first said, Zayn: Hey Tee, I really need to talk to you it’s about Belle, r u free? The second said, Zayn: it’s really important, I need your help. I replied saying, r u ok? U can come over now if u want. I put my phone down and a second latter I got another text saying, Zayn: where do u live? I replied, gave him my address and told him I will see him soon. Zayn: will be there in 5, is it ok that harry comes? I told him it was fine

‘Gem, I have a favour to ask,’ I said, ‘Yeah Tee anything what do you need?’ she asked. ‘Well Zayn and harry from one direction are coming here in about 5 minutes, can u help me clean up!’ immediately we started racing around the house putting things away, it only took a couple of minutes because it was pretty clean already. We reapplied our makeup and fixed our hair, I changed my shirt so that we wear no longer matching. That’s when the doorbell rang.

(Zayn’s POV)

I really hope that this is the right apartment because that would be awkward. Oh well I’m with harry and he can talk his way out of anything so I think I’m good. ‘Coming!’ Amity yelled from inside, phew it was the right apartment, one less thing to worry about. I had come to Amity’s to talk about Belle.

I really like Belle! I have liked her ever since she started working with us! But I don’t know if she likes me back? What if she doesn’t? What if she does? I don’t know which one to worry about more! I bit my lip, I really should stop doing that. Belle was amazing; she is the prettiest, smartest, nicest girl I have ever met! She was amazing. She was organised and she just always knew what to say! She fit perfectly into our group. Her smile was my weakness, she had perfect straight white teeth and her dimples when she smiled, and I looked forward to seeing it every day. She got on so well with the boys and they love her, we can hang out just like friends but when we need to work, she just has this magical power that makes working and fashion fun. She lets us joke and have fun as long as we get the job done. She is perfect.

Hey boys, come in,’ Amity says as she opened the door. ‘This is my friend and neighbour Gemma, Gemma this is Zayn and Harry,’ Gemma gave us a wave. ‘Tee, I need to talk to you in private its important,’ I looked over to Gemma and Harry but they were already talking so I suppose they did not mind, I saw amity do the same thing but then she led me down the hall into the kitchen.

 ‘What’s up Z,’ she said, it was hard to believe that we had only known each other for a couple of days! She got on really well with me and the boys, it’s like she is a long lost best friend. I’m pretty sure that Liam likes her but I’m not sure, so I’m not going to say anything. ‘Well it’s about Belle,’ I started, she nodded. ‘Yeah, well I really like her and I don’t know if she feels the same way, I don’t know if she just likes me as a friend or more, I don’t know what to think! The boys know that I like her but I have never really admitted it to them so you are the first one I have officially told,’ I explained.

‘I want to ask her out but I don’t know how and I don’t want to get my heart broken,’ I continued. I just opened my mouth and spilled everything. Amity just sat there and listen occasionally nodding and saying ‘yeah.’ When I finished she said, ‘Well Z, if you like her that much then you should definitely ask her out, and to tell you a little secret I think she likes you back,’ she said in a calming voice. ‘Really,’ I said trying not to sound too excited, she nodded, ‘How do I ask her out?’

‘Well, that’s up to you , do it your way but make it special, a story she can retell, don’t go to out there make it simple but perfect and romantic,’ she explained. ‘Special, romantic, simple and perfect,’ I repeated thinking it though. I think I can do this. ‘How do I know she likes me?’ I asked, this was the one question that was always on my mind. ‘Well, it’s the way she looks at you, and the way she smiles the only time I remember her looking like that was when she was with Connor and they were truly in love but then he found another girl and dumped her, she was crushed, but then I see her with you and she just glows, but I do have to do the whole best friend thing, you better not break her heart or hurt her in any way!’ I could not help but smile at her response, but I was a bit upset about what the Connor guy did to belle, what an idiot who would dump belle, she is perfect I could never break her heart.

I gave her a hug and thanked her before we left the room to find Haz and Gemma.

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