Stylist Situation

Amity graduated from beauty and fashion college with belle. Tee is working for Victoria secret and is stylist and doing the makeup for the show. One direction is performing at the show and it turns out that belle is their stylist. They catch up and become BFFs again. Tee meets 1D. Tee helps belle with the styling for 1D and ends up going on their tour! Tee has a massive crush! Who could it be? Will he like her back? Drama and Romance


5. 5


Chapter 5:

(The characters are wearing the same outfits as previous chapter)

(Amity’s POV)

As soon as Gemma stopped crying and got here breath back she explained what had happened. They had been eating at the restaurant when Josh got a text, from a girl named Cleo saying; hey babe, had a great time last night can’t wait to see you again, see you tonight xx. He said that she must have got the wrong number but when she looked through his texts, they had been texting for the past two weeks, she also found inappropriate photos that she had sent him! The name Cleo sounded familiar! I knew it from somewhere! Oh I know I went to school with a girl named Cleo!

‘Hey gem, do you know Cleo’s last name?’ I asked, she said that she had seen it but cant remember she asked me why? ‘It’s because I went to school with a girl named Cleo, her last name was Bowman, we were always near each other in the role,’ I replied. ‘That’s it she said her last name was bowman!’ she screamed. ‘I never liked her, she was such a slut! All she wanted was boys that she could not have! When I had my first boyfriend I remember she spent the time flirting with him! Curling her long blonde hair with her finger and staring at him, she always tried to make her boobs look bigger by sticking them out! She flirted with all the boys but especially the ones that had girlfriends! That’s probably why she went for josh!’ I explained I was getting angrier and angrier as I remembered all that she had done to me and everyone!

(Belle’s POV)

I could see Tee was getting angry and annoyed with the Cleo girl as she remembered things that she had done to her. I decided it was my time to talk. ‘Don’t worry Gem, if he has the guts to cheat on a great girl like you then he does not deserve you!’ I was pretty proud of my advice, ‘I need to change what I did in the relationship, what did I do wrong? What could I do better? Why did he cheat?’ Gem asked me. ‘You don’t need to change! Be yourself, never change for someone else if they don’t like you for you or cheat on you then they are not good enough for you! Always be yourself it’s the best you can be, stay positive, love yourself and love life,’ I said to her, before I could finish Tee continued ‘Always look forward don’t trip over an opportunity that is right in front of you, don’t look back because you are not going that way, remember when one door closes two more open,’ I remember when Tee gave me this speech in college. It will always stay with me, I was in my dorm room crying after Connor broke up with me. I looked at Tee and she looked at me we smiled.

Gem looked at us and said ‘it’s like you rehearsed that, it was beautiful and how do you know that? Is it true?’ I replied, ‘Well when we were in college, my boyfriend Connor broke up with me I was crying in my dorm room when Tee came in and said that to me, and its true after that the two doors that opened were more time to study which led me to graduate with honours and now I work with the biggest boy band in the world and the other was more time to spend with my friends!’ I said with a smile.

‘Thanks girls you have really helped me! I’m going back to my apartment to think about my opportunities and get ready to go to my friend’s house for lunch! It was really nice to meet you belle, I hope I will see you again soon. Bye Tee, talk later,’ Gem said as she left the room. ‘Sorry about that Belle, I was not expecting that to happen, do you want to go shopping now?’ Tee said, ‘It’s fine, Tee it was nothing that you could control and it actually brought lots of memories of college and our friendship back to me, lets hit the shops!’ I smiled as we left the room.

This is when she said it, I knew it was coming she said ‘So, what’s going on with you and Zayn?’

Zayn was gorgeous! I have had a massive crush on him from the first day I met him. Which is totally weird for me; I have not felt this way since Connor. That was years ago and I was totally in love! But this can’t happen, not at all! I work for him, and you can’t have a relationship with your boss. What if he does not feel the same way! But he kissed me, he kissed me at the Victoria Secret show, he kissed me! surely this means that he has feeling towards me? Or maybe he is just being nice. I don’t know! I noticed that Tee was looking at me, ‘Belle are you ok? Can you answer the question please,’ she said. Maybe I can talk to her about this, she was there when I was with Connor and she was always there when I need to talk.

My thoughts went back to Zayn and could not but smile. That’s how I always feel when im around him. All the reports of him being the ‘vain’ member of the band are false! He is so sweet and hot! Have you seen those abs oh my god! I met his sisters Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa a couple of weeks ago and they thought we were dating! I was so embarrassed and tried to laugh it off, but he noticed and pulled me aside. He assured me that it was ok and not to worry about what his sisters said.

He then put his arms around my waist pulled me closer and then kissed my cheek. It was a small gesture but it made my night, my week! It was amazing, I got this warm fuzzy feeling that filled my body! I felt like I was on cloud 9!

‘Belle, Belle, Belle,’ Tee was calling me. ‘Oh sorry, I don’t think anything’s happening,’ I said with a sigh. ‘You like him don’t you,’ she said, ‘Yes, I have liked him since the day I met him,’ I replied. She squealed ‘That’s so cute! I think he likes you too!’ Tee screamed. Really could he?

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