Stylist Situation

Amity graduated from beauty and fashion college with belle. Tee is working for Victoria secret and is stylist and doing the makeup for the show. One direction is performing at the show and it turns out that belle is their stylist. They catch up and become BFFs again. Tee meets 1D. Tee helps belle with the styling for 1D and ends up going on their tour! Tee has a massive crush! Who could it be? Will he like her back? Drama and Romance


4. 4


Chapter 4: 

Amity’s Catchup with Belle Outfit:

Belle’s Catch up with Amity Outfit:

Gemma’s Date outfit:

Josh’s Date outfit:

(Amity’s POV)

I had the most wonderful dream, it was about me and the boys. We ended up hanging out and being best friends! Liam told me that he really liked me and he kissed me! He kissed me! We started going out and that is when I woke up. Oh I hope this dream comes true!

The weird thing about me is sometimes my dreams have come true. I sleep talk sometimes, I remember this time when I was about 13 and I was at my friend’s house for a slumber party. I was the first to go to sleep (as always), I started dreaming about what was going to happen the next day, I dreamt that they were going to through one of my friends into the pool, so I said ‘Don’t through laura in the pool,’ I was totally asleep and just kept dreaming. When I woke up the next day the girls explained everything to me and apparently they were trying to go to sleep and they had said the next person that talks we will through into the pool, this is when I said ‘Don’t through Laura in the pool,’ How coincidental! It turned out that everything in my dream happened and no one had told me what we would be doing or anything.

My phone buzzed, I got a text. I picked it up, it was belle. Belle: Hey Tee, I’m not doing anything today and I wondered if u want to have lunch and go shopping, hope u can xx. I quickly replied sure what time and where? She told me to meet her at the café down the road from my apartment at 10. That was in half an hour! I quickly got out of bed and had a shower. I washed my hair, put a bit of makeup on and straightened my hair. I went to my cupboard to find an outfit; I put on a green shirt with a croquet back and some white shorts.

I locked my door and walked down the hallway to the elevator. Gemma was walking out of her room too. Gemma is my neighbour and also a close friend from Victoria secret, we met at my first fashion show she helped me calm my nerves and we have been really good friends since. ‘Hi Tee,’ Gemma said when she saw me, ‘Where are you going? You look really nice!’ she said with a smile. ‘Thanks Gem, I’m just going to the café down the road to meet up with an old friend, how about you?’ I replied. Turned out we were wearing exactly the same top! We bought it together a couple of weeks ago when we went shopping!

(Gemma’s POV)

‘I’m going there too, I’m meeting Josh, we have the same shirt on,’ I said. She laughed and said that it was the first thing she noticed, Josh and I have been dating since high school, we started going out in year 11 and this is our 6 year anniversary. Tee and I walked down to the café together. I really liked her she was so nice, it did not seem like there was any age difference at all between us even though I am 22 and she is 20. We have become very close, since she moved into the apartment next to mine. We met at work and became friends but when she moved in we have become very close. I don’t know what I would do without her! She is always there to talk and help if I need it.

I told her that we would have to catch up soon and walked over to Josh. He looked as cute as ever! He was wearing jeans and a grey stripy t-shirt, the colours really suit him. He smiled when he saw me, but it was not his usual smile something was wrong. ‘Hey,’ he said, as he hugged me. Something was definitely wrong he never hugged me, well he did but it was not usually his welcome he usually kissed me on the cheek or something like that. ‘Josh honey, what’s wrong?’ I knew that something was up. ‘Nothing babe, don’t worry about me,’ he was lying, after 6 years I think I could tell when something was wrong! I have to find out what it is.

(Amity POV)

Belle ran up and hugged me, we sat down at the table that she reserved. She ordered two cups of coffee and we both agreed that we had a lot of catching up to do! We talked about our jobs and where we wanted to go with them. I said that I wanted to do the makeup for all the girls and be the head stylist. Belle said that she was where she wanted to be but that she was struggling with all the pressure and work, she explained that it was hard to be the stylist for 5 famous teenage boys! She had to do all of the work herself! I could not do that, It might seem that I do everything by myself but that is so not true, I have assistants and helpers and I am not even the head stylist. Belle is for the boys!

Belle explained that the boys were going on tour in 3 weeks and she had to get all of their clothes ready by herself and she would not be able to do it without help! It would be my childhood dream come true, to work with one of my best friends and design clothes and style one of the big bands, but I could not offer to do it until i finished with Victoria secret and got it all sorted.

We were just about to leave the café when I heard yelling and crying from another table! I turned around just in time to see Gemma leave the restaurant. I grabbed belles hand and followed her out. ‘You guys have the same shirt on,’ Belle said, ‘Yeah I know we bought them together and turns out we are wearing them at the exact same time!’ I said and quickly explained to belle who Gemma was. Gemma was running towards the apartment block, she had tears running down her cheeks. I had to find out what was wrong.

(Gemma’s POV)

Someone was following me, I bet it was josh but I could not be him why would he follow me after he had said that to me! I turned around to see who was following me. It was Tee, she was running after me with a blonde girl that must have been her old friend. Once I saw it was her I stopped crying and slowed down a bit allowing her to catch up with me. ‘What’s wrong gem?’ she asked. I was shocked I could not believe he had done that to me! ‘Well lets go back to my apartment and then you can explain it to us there,’ she said leading us to her apartment. ‘Gem, this is Belle we went to college together,’ I waved to the girl but still could not bring myself to say anything I was speechless.

Tee opened the door and sat us down on her lounge, ‘Do you want anything Gem?’ she asked, ‘A glass of water would be great thanks Tee,’ it was the first words that I had said since I left the café. Tee got me some water and sat on the lounge and asked me to explain what happened. ‘It’s josh, he he he cheated on me,’ as soon as I said the words I started to cry, I could not help it, I did not know what I had done wrong? what I could have done better? Belle and Tee immediately came over and hugged me. Belle was being so nice to me and she had only just met me.

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