Stylist Situation

Amity graduated from beauty and fashion college with belle. Tee is working for Victoria secret and is stylist and doing the makeup for the show. One direction is performing at the show and it turns out that belle is their stylist. They catch up and become BFFs again. Tee meets 1D. Tee helps belle with the styling for 1D and ends up going on their tour! Tee has a massive crush! Who could it be? Will he like her back? Drama and Romance


10. 10


Chapter 10:

(The characters are wearing the same outfits as previous chapter)

(Belle’s POV)

I called Zayn and told him to put me on speaker phone to all of the boys. ‘Ok boys, I have some news for you,’ I said. ‘Ohhh, is it good or bad?’ harry said, ‘It’s good! I have decided on your second stylist, and she will start working with us tomorrow! I need her because I need extra help, ok, you have to be nice to her,’ I explained ‘Ok,’ they all said. ‘Who is this stylist?’ Liam asked, ‘She is a good friend of mine from fashion and beauty college and you will like her!’ I said. ‘What’s her name? Is she pretty?’ Louis asked, of course it was him that would ask that question. ‘I’m not telling you the name you will have to wait and see for yourself, and yes she is pretty, no more questions I have to go, you will find out who it is tomorrow,’ I replied. I hung up the phone. I immediately got a text from Harry, Haz: You are leaving us all in suspense! Its driving us crazy! I replied, Belle: Haha I know, but it’s a surprise, you will just have to wait

I quickly texted Tee and told her not to tell the boys because I wanted it to be a surprise. I was very excited about my date tomorrow, and I loved my outfit. When I have a great outfit then it makes me feel confident. I hope it goes well! I really like Zayn!

(Tee’s POV)

I really had to call my parents; I had not talked to them in weeks. I called their number, I really hope that they are home! ‘Hello Angelia speaking,’ it was great to hear mums voice. ‘Hi, mum it’s me Amity,’ I said. ‘Oh baby girl, it’s great to hear from you! How are you?’ she said, ‘I’m great, I am working part time with Belle my friend from college and we are the stylists for One Direction!’ I screamed. ‘Oh my gosh that’s amazing Tee, I’m so proud of you! I will talk to you in a bit you siblings want to talk to you,’ Mitchell talked first, I told him the news and he was so happy for me! He is my brother and 23, he is studying at Harvard Law School but he is on holidays so he is visiting mum and dad. He told me that he met a girl called Laura, and that he really liked her. She was a swimmer from Australia that had been in the Olympics and common wealth games. They had been going out for a couple of months now and it was going really well.

Then Daniela kicked him of because she wanted to talk to me! Daniela is my sister she is 26, she is a teacher at Brisbane Girls Grammar. I used to live in Brisbane, Australia. This was until I moved to London to got to Fashion and Beauty College. This is my forth year living I’m London. Daniela told me that her boyfriend Damian cheated on her so she broke up with him, I never really liked Damian, he never treated her right and there was just something about him. She said that she loved teaching, and was very happy, but she really wanted a boyfriend. She wanted to have kids and get married.

I told her my news and she was very happy and proud of me, she always knew what it was dream, to be a stylist for a famous band! ‘ONE DIRECTION, OH MY GOD, TEE I HAVE TO MEET THEM! CAN YOU GET ME TICKETS TO THE SHOW IN AUSTRALIA!’ she was so excited, I had to take the phone away from my ear because she was screaking so loud! You would think she was a teenager! ‘I will try Dani but tomorrow is my first day with them and their tour is in two weeks! It might be a bit soon’ I said.  She complained but let it go. ‘Will you go on the tour? Will you be home for Christmas?’ she asked, ‘No I don’t think I’m going on the tour and yes the boys get a week of in the middle of the tour to come home for Christmas, so if I do go I will be home for Christmas, but I don’t think I’m going,’ I replied.  Then she started talking about this other teacher at the school, his name was Matt and he was a Sport teacher, she said he was really nice and that she really liked him, I told her that it might be the other door opening, and she handed the phone to dad.

‘Hi darling, how are you?’ dad asked. We think my dad is allergic to the phone! He never like to talk on the phone or call anyone, so I made sure that I kept the conversation short and to the point. My dad’s name is Steven he owns an electricity company, I told him my news and he was very excited! But passed the phone back to mum straight away. Oh well I was happy with our conversation it was longer than some of the other ones we have had!

Mum explained that everyone is good, and told me a bit about what has happened. She is an interior designer so she decided to redesign our house! She says that she can’t wait for me to come and see it! ‘Well mum, I have to go as I have to get up early for work in the morning! Love you all, talk soon!’ I said. She hung up the phone, I put it on charge and got into bed! I was so excited about tomorrow!

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