Stylist Situation

Amity graduated from beauty and fashion college with belle. Tee is working for Victoria secret and is stylist and doing the makeup for the show. One direction is performing at the show and it turns out that belle is their stylist. They catch up and become BFFs again. Tee meets 1D. Tee helps belle with the styling for 1D and ends up going on their tour! Tee has a massive crush! Who could it be? Will he like her back? Drama and Romance


1. Pilot


Chapter 1:

Miranda’s Backstage outfit:

Candice’s Backstage outfit:

Amity’s Show outfit:

Erin’s Backstage outfit:

Belle’s Show outfit:

‘Amity, Amity!’ Miranda called me into the dressing room. This is my first ever Victoria secret runway show and to tell you the truth I was super nervous! ‘What’s wrong Miranda?’ I asked politely. ‘It’s Candice, she totally wrecked her makeup!’ Erin screamed. ‘It’s alright girls I can fix Candice’s makeup just get dressed, my job is to get you fully ready and prepared for the show,’ I replied calmly. My name is Amity Blake, but all my friends call me Tee, I am 20, I graduated from London Fashion and Beauty College last year and am now trying to control three Victoria Secret models.

I reapplied Candice’s makeup and fixed her dark blonde hair. ‘Ok Candice, your makeups done, now I just need you to get dressed and join the girls on stage for practise, Miranda get out of your uggs! Get into your costume! Ok I need you girls to finish getting changed and then go to practise in 10 minutes please!’ I thanked Erin for already being organised. I escorted to girls towards the stage before making my way into the dressing room to get ready for the show.

I applied natural looking makeup and slipped on my short black dress, I placed my arm into the shoulder strap. Grabbed my clutch and put on my shoes. I just finished my hair when a voice in my ear piece announced that one direction had arrived. One direction are performing at the show and it was my job to make sure that their stylist had everything under control and make sure they were ready to go on stage.

I rushed to the entry to greet them. ‘Amity?’ I knew that voice but who was it! I swear I know that voice! I spun around to see Belle working towards me. My best friend from college, how could she be here? ‘Oh My God! Belle what are you doing here?’ I asked the blue eyed, blonde haired familiar girl ‘I work for one direction, I’m there stylist!’ she explained in a happy voice. ‘So miss Victoria secret you’re here to organise us aren’t you,’ she said sarcastically ‘I am’ I replied leading then down the hallway into their assigned dressing room. ‘My name is Amity, I am the Victoria Secret Makeup artist and I also make sure everything runs smoothly, so if you need anything just come and talk to me, I just need to go and check on the girls, I’ll be right back!’ I explained to them before leaving the room.

I could hear the screaming and chatting from rooms away. ‘Girls quiet please how is practise going?’ I was immediately flooded with questions, Are one direction here? Are they as hot in person? Have you met them? What are they like? ‘Yes 1D are here, no I have not formally met them yet because I have to control you girls, does anyone need anything fixed? Costume adjustments? Make up touch ups?’ I tried to calm them down. Miranda needed her blush and lipstick fixed, Erin needed her mascara fixed and Candice needed her wings tightened. I sent Candice to the costume room, and fixed the girls makeup. ‘Ok girls you can get out of your costumes hang them up and relax, I will come back in 20 minutes and help you get ready for the show,’ I rushed out of the room and back to one direction.

I knocked on the door before entering. ‘I’m sorry for leaving in a rush, I just had to check on the girls but I can stay for longer this time,’ I walked over to belle I could not believe that she was here! I have not seen her for almost a year we have been texting and talking but I never knew that she worked for one direction! ‘Tee, can u please go over to the clothes rack and get me the clothes labelled Louis and the ones labelled Zayn,’ she asked as she rushed around the room. I walked over and picked out the clothes. There was whispering and then laughing coming from the change rooms. ‘Louis, Zayn can you please come and get your outfits’ belle said as she knocked on two doors. The boys came out and all of them got dressed.

The boys have so much fun they are great! Everything is jokes, mucking around and laughing, but they still get everything done! They act exactly the same in interviews as they do in real life. When they were all fully ready for the show, We sat in a circle and are playing a game that they use to get to know new friends with. Someone says a question and they go around the group and answer it. We had many rounds including questions like; Favourite actor, Favourite Singer/Band, Do you have any siblings?, what are they like?, Likes?, Dislikes? Each question causing laughter at some stage. I have to admit one of my favourites was ‘What are your nicknames and your role in the band?’

Liam goes first he says ‘Paynee, Papa Smurf and LiLi are my nicknames and apparently I’m the dad of the group.’ Then harry ‘H, Haz or Hazza are my nicknames from the boys and I would probably the cheeky one of the band.’ ‘There’s always one’ I add everyone laughed. Niall said his nickname was Nialler and he was the funny or cute one, Zayn said his nickname was Z or Zaynster but Louis added Bradford Bad Boi causing Niall to fall the ground with laughter. Louis says; ‘my nickname is lou or boo bear and I don’t know what role I play…’ ‘I reckon he’s the leader cause it’s the only one that’s left’ Harry is quick to suggest causing the room to erupt with laughter again. ‘I’m so sorry I have to go but I hope I can come and play this again with you after the show, just letting you know that the show starts in 45 minutes, I need to get the girls ready I will see you around,’ I told them and left the room.

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