Our Daughter Darcy (Sequel)

When Lilly and Harry fight, Darcy will cry. She'll be sad.. but like any other young child.. will tell no one.

When Darcy becomes a rebellious child and takes after her mothers past will she find a "Harry" to change her ways?

Find out in the sequel to Louis I Changed Get Over It...

Our Daughter Darcy.


10. What A Day!

I woke up to the sen beaming brightly in my eyes. I rubbed them lightly and got out of bed. I went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth putting my hair up in a high ponytail. I got dressed in some sweatpants and a top and plopped back down on my bed, I decided to go on Twitter and see what was trending. 



Along with a lot of hateful messages. I began to cry. This was all my fault! Oh goodness what if Mason had seen this! He probably hates me. I suddenly felt my phone buzz. It was a text from Mason. 

M: Ello love, knowing you, you've been on Twitter. None of the hate is your fault 
D: Mason yes it is! I feel terrible, I'm so sorry :(
M: Dar-bear really don't worry. Hey how about we go for some dinner later? You know just as a friend thing. 
D: I would love that Masey.
M: When will you stop calling me that? Ok I'll meet you at Aridity's at 7 :) Bye Dar-bear. 
D: Haha bye Masey ;)

I was still very mad at myself for getting Mason all this hate but I just tried to ignore it.

I decided seeing as it was holidays to meet up with my cousin Alice and Felicity. I called them both up and we agreed to meet at the local Starbucks. I saw them both walking a road away from me, I caught up to them as we greeted each other. 
"So.. this is were Mason beat him up?" Felicity said pointing to the front of the shop. I shrugged and nodded. 
"You heard?" I said sadly. 
"Everyone!" Alice said enthusiastically. 
"I mean.. everyone has." she said having a serious low tone. I began to shatter and the tears broke out. 
"No.. Darcy please don't cry" Felicity said as we walked into the shop and she sat me down on a chair. I wiped away a few tears. 
"Sorry guys" I said and smiled at them both. The both nodded as we ordered our drinks. 
"So.. how are things with you and Mason? Got anything going on?" Alice asked winking. I pushed her arm playfully. 
"Of course not! You know he doesn't feel that way about me Alice" I shrugged. 
"Of course he does! Whenever our parents would meet up us three would always go to play and you two would completely ignore me! You had a world of your own." Alice said putting her hand on her heart. 
"She's right. Whenever your Uncle Liam ( Not biologically ) would come pick you up from school Mason would come too and you would both just get lost together" Felicity said. I blushed did they really think that? 
"Stop it! Your putting thoughts into my head" I said laughing. 
"So when are you next seeing him?" Felicity asked. 
"Um... Well, now that you asked.. We are going out for dinner tonight. Just as friends!" I said sternly. 
"Yeah yeah" Alison said rolling her eyes. 
"Did he invite you? Or did you invite him?" she asked. 
"He invited me" I said looking intently at her expression which was full of joy. 
"Darcy you know what this means! He's going to ask you out!" Felicity said excitedly and turned to Alice while they both squealed. 
"Yeah as if..." I began. 
"Oh my gosh! We have to get your dressed! You have to look perfect!" Alice said as they literally pushed me out of the coffee shop. We went into many.. MANY stores and finally settled on this as the finished look: 


I thanked them both when we were finished and hugged them tightly. 
"I'll catch up with you guys another time" I said and waved goodbye. 
"GOOD LUCK!" They both shouted back to me as I got in my car. I beeped as I passed them and sped off back home. 
"Goodness! Its 5 already" I said to myself as I walked in the house. I glanced over at the kitchen and saw Mum cooking with Dad behind her holding her hands steadily on the spoon and stirring with her while he kissed her neck. 
"Too much affection!" I shouted as I ran up the stairs. I heard them both laugh as I shut my bedroom door. I quickly went into my shower and was my hair, I got out and blow-dried it straight leaving a few curls at the ends. I looked in the mirror and did my make-up (As shown above) I smiled at my reflection. Crap how'd it get to six? I got dressed and put my black trench-coat on top. Doncaster nights can get very chilly. I smiled at my reflection and skipped downstairs. 
"We're you going Darcy?" Dad asked as he flicked through the TV channels. 
"Harold she can do whatever she wants, she's not your little girl anymore" Mum said sending me a wink. 
"Thank you mum! I'm going out for dinner with Mason" I said. 
"I like that boy, Liam and Danielle did a good job on him. Have fun" Dad said with a cheeky grin on his face. I smiled at them both and shut the front door. It was already 6:30 and the restaurant was about 20 minutes away. I got at the restaurant at the exact time expected ten to seven. I was about to walk inside when I heard a strange sound from the side of the building. I went to have a glance and my mouth dropped. 




What did she see? He he leave your thoughts below!! 

I hope you liked that chapter it took me AGES to write!



~Maria xx

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