Our Daughter Darcy (Sequel)

When Lilly and Harry fight, Darcy will cry. She'll be sad.. but like any other young child.. will tell no one.

When Darcy becomes a rebellious child and takes after her mothers past will she find a "Harry" to change her ways?

Find out in the sequel to Louis I Changed Get Over It...

Our Daughter Darcy.


5. This Can't Be Happening!

I collapsed and everything went black...


I slowly opended my eyes.. wait.. I don't think I did. I closed then opended them again.. wh- what's happening? Why is everything black?
"Darcy?" I heard my Dad's croaky voice say.
"Da- Dad I can't see you, is Mum here?" I said.
"I'm here baby." I heard my Mum's angelic voice say.
"And so is Uncle Lou, Liam, Zayn and Uncle Niall" my Dad said. I smiled.
"Wait.. why am I here?" I said once again confused.
"And why can't I see..." I said beginning to cry.
"You got a severe case of Methanol poisoning. Did you drink any suspicious drinks before this all happend?" I heard a male voice say.. I suspect a doctor. All the thoughts came flashing back... I started to halusinate. I began to scream and cry. I felt the presence of many more people in the room and I had a few hands holding me down. I calmed down a bit.. but sharp images of earlier this night flashed in my head.
"I-- I had a few drinks from the club.." I said.
"Well that's the answer I needed.." the doctor said.
"You'll have to stay in intensive care for a week 'till this goes down and you get your vision back" he said. I nodded. I felt someone grab hold of my hand.
"Mason?" I asked, Mason was Liam's son and my best friend since.. well.. forever.
"Yep it's me, I'm here Darcy" I heard his low voice say. I felt his tight embrace wrap around me as I hugged him tightly.
"Me too!" I heard Alice's voice say.
"Me three!" I heard Felicity say. I smiled. We all talked for a bit.. but it wasn't the same I couldn't see anyone. I heard a few footsteps and then a door closing. 
"It's just me and you" I heard Mason say. I smiled. I felt his body hovering over mine and his warm breath against my neck. 


"I'm here for you" he whispered in my ear. 




Ok it's up! I hope you all liked it.. it's a bit boring.. but anyways! 

Leave your opinions on Darcy and Mason below v v v v 



~Maria xx

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