Our Daughter Darcy (Sequel)

When Lilly and Harry fight, Darcy will cry. She'll be sad.. but like any other young child.. will tell no one.

When Darcy becomes a rebellious child and takes after her mothers past will she find a "Harry" to change her ways?

Find out in the sequel to Louis I Changed Get Over It...

Our Daughter Darcy.


13. Save You

Me and Mason had been dating for a couple of weeks now and everything was perfect. I had just went to the supermarket to get some groceries. It was 10PM and I decided to walk. Not wise.. but my house was only a block away. I was walking when I heard low male laughs nearby. I heard thumping footsteps as I started to walk faster. I heard the footsteps seem more frequent as if it had turned into running. I began to sprint as fast as I could but the voices just got louder and the footsteps closer. I was stopped as someone caught a tight grip of my arm. 
"LET GO OF ME!" I screamed as I made no eye contact and tried to pull away. 
"Darcy.. Darcy.. Darcy.. now why would we do that? Every young boy on the globe drools over you!" the male voice said as I could sense a smirk on his face. 
"Don't cry.. just enjoy sweetheart" he said as he pushed my back onto his stomach. His hands travelled around my body as I let out a faint cry. 
"P-Please" I managed to say. He just continued. And then I screamed out the only word I could think of, 
"MASON!" The second I said it the man covered my mouth as if of fear. 
"Say that one more time and you die" he growled. I heard tires screech as a black car came into view. the man must have been startled so I took my chance to take advantage of him. I kicked him hard against his private and ran as he fell to the ground. 
"Get in" I heard an all too familiar voice say. It was Mason in the car. I was shocked I couldn't even say anything. I got in and began to cry. 
"Sh sh sh Darcy baby don't cry please" he said with a sympathetic look on his eyes. 
"He just.. and he was touching me and.. Mason" I said still in tears. 
"Babe its all over don't cry, your going to come home with me and stay the night ok love'?" he said his British accent ringing through. I just nodded still startled. 
"I love you Dar-Bear.. I told you. I'm going to protect you no matter what." he said seriously. 
"I-I love you too Masey" I said smiling a bit. We went back to his house as I cuddled up to his chest. 
"We have school again tomorrow" Mason said. 
"Seriously? Holidays over already?" I groaned. 
"Yup. But I'll drive you everyday babe, I start later anyways" he said. 
"Thanks Mason. I love you" I said as I closed my eyes. 
"I love you too" he mumbled into my hair. 

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