Our Daughter Darcy (Sequel)

When Lilly and Harry fight, Darcy will cry. She'll be sad.. but like any other young child.. will tell no one.

When Darcy becomes a rebellious child and takes after her mothers past will she find a "Harry" to change her ways?

Find out in the sequel to Louis I Changed Get Over It...

Our Daughter Darcy.


11. Irresistible

I looked around the corner of the restaurant and my jaw dropped. Mason was lying on the floor all bloody and beaten up while Drake was continuously kicking his stomach. I quickly ran up to Drake and punched him. He turned around and wiped a bit of blood off his lip. 
"You should be glad I didn't kill him" Drake spat. 
"Drake your a prick. Get out of my sight and never come near me ever again or-" Drake cut me off. 
"Or what? Your boyfriend's going to protect you? Yes he did a great job of that" Drake said pointing to Mason then running off laughing.
"He's not my--" It was no use; I began to cry as I saw Mason's state. I placed my head on his chest to try feel his heat beat but instead I heard a deep groan. I looked up to see Mason's eyes open. 
"I'm sorry Darcy, he got stronger. He must have been on drugs or something" Mason chocked out as I saw his perfect teeth filled with blood. 
"Mason thank you so much" I said as I snuggled into him. I helped him stand up as I got him out of his blazer and blouse along with his tie. His toned stomach was bruised and blood was running down his neck. His hair look very messy as if Drake had been pulling on it for years. I look deep into his blue eyes. 
"I've ruined your night I'm sorry Darcy. Just go home I'll see you another time." Mason trailed off. 
"I got to see that again" I said pointing to Mason's toned body. 
"The night just got 10x better" I smirked as I placed my hand on Mason's chest. He smirked back as he pulled his tie around my waist closing every space between us. I looked up at him and winked. He was so irresistible! Even when he was a wreck. I put my hands on his shoulders and trailed them smoothly down to his hands loosening the tie and taking it in my hand. 
"Who's boss now?" I said as I pulled Mason's neck with the tie making our faces inches apart. He put his face to my ear. 
"Me" he said as he pushed me to a wall. I laughed uncontrollably. 
"M-- Mason stop" I said as he began tickling me. He knew my weak spot and tickled right on my hips. I was now crying from laughter. 
"O-- Ok Mason lets get you cleaned up and have some dinner I'm starving." I said laughing as I covered him up with my trench coat. We went inside the restaurant and all eyes were on us. We quickly rushed to the woman's bathroom. 
"Am I allowed in here?" Mason asked raising his eyebrow. 
"Nope" I giggled as I locked the main door to the bathroom. I got some water on my hands on rubbed them on his cuts and bruises he winced in pain. 
"I'm sorry Mason" I said. 
"It's ok, just speed it up a bit" he smiled. I soon got all the blood off and put on his blouse. I didn't bother putting on the tie and just put on his blazer which surprisingly was in good shape. I buttoned it all up so no blood from his blouse was visible and we both walked outside. We sat down and ordered our meals. The soon came as we ate and chatted about random things. We soon finished and walked out of the store. 
"I have an idea" Mason said as he grabbed my hand and we ran through the busy streets. We soon arrived at his house. 
"Masey why are we here?" I questioned. He said smiled at me as we went through the side-gate and into his backyard. 

..Our Tree House..

"Liam didn't knock it down?" I asked. 
"Nope" he smiled.
"Care to take a trip down memory lane?" Mason smirked as he pulled out his hand. 
"Why of course" I said as we walked over to the ladder. 
"Ladies first" he smirked eyeing my dress. 
"I fell for that one when I was 5.. Up!" I ordered as Mason went up the ladder. It all looked exactly the same all our old toys and cushions. We had outgrown it a bit but still fitted inside perfectly. On the side of the tree I saw our carving. 

~M+D =

Friends Forever~


And in little letters at the bottom I saw


And A!


I chuckled at the thought of Alice. We really did use to leave her out. Oops! I went to turn around and I saw Mason very, VERY close to me. He was leaning in but I pulled back. 
"No.." he said as he cupped my jaw. 
"I want to" he said as his perfect pink lips touched mine. This.. this was special. It was something different it felt like the entire world had stopped and we were dancing on a cloud. My hands interlocked in his messy hair as he held a firm grip on my waist. I soon found myself sitting on his legs. A few minutes later we both pulled away breathlessly.

"I always loved you Darcy... will you be my girlfriend" Mason said looking into my eyes.  




Yeah! They kissed. 

But.. will she accept the proposal to be his girlfriend??


Feedback? :P


~Maria xx

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