Our Daughter Darcy (Sequel)

When Lilly and Harry fight, Darcy will cry. She'll be sad.. but like any other young child.. will tell no one.

When Darcy becomes a rebellious child and takes after her mothers past will she find a "Harry" to change her ways?

Find out in the sequel to Louis I Changed Get Over It...

Our Daughter Darcy.


14. He's Back!

I heard Mason's alarm clock ring as I groaned. I mumbled a Mason and the alarm stopped. 
"Come on love get up your going to be late for school" Mason said chuckling lightly. 
"No.. Stop laughing at me!" I groaned once again. 
"Sorry babe your just really cute when your mad" he said grinning. I just groaned again and pulled the pillow on top of my head. I suddenly felt two strong arms around my waist as I was hoisted out of the bed. 
"M-Mason let go I'm cold!" I complained. 
"Well if your that cold then go get dressed so I can take you too school, and hurry up Dar' your going to make me late!" he said.
"Fine" I said in defeat as I dragged my feet to his wardrobe.  
"Mason where is that top I left here?" I asked. 
"You mean this" he said twirling my tank top in his fingers. 
"Yes, now give me that!" I snatched it giggling. 
"Shoo shoo Mason I have to get dressed." I said trying to push him out the door. 
"I've seen you topless before" he said grinning. 
"Yeah when I was a flat chested five year old. Now out!" I said and shut the door laughing. 

That boy..

I finally got dressed in:


I smiled at my appearance and opened the bedroom door, hm that was weird.. Mason wasn't there waiting for me..
"Boo!" I heard someone say as I jumped, Mason caught hold of my waist and rocked us back and forth. 
"Mason don't scare me like that!" I said playfully hitting his arm. 
"Sorry babe come on" he said taking my hand as we went down the stairs. 
"Bye Liam bye Danielle" he said as he closed the door. 
"Why don't you call your parents mum and dad?" I asked laughing. 
"Eh.." he said as he opened the car door for me and hopped to the other side taking his seat. 
"So Dar.. last term of school for you. Excited? College awaits!" He chirped. 
"So Mason.. 1 more years of school for you.. Excited?" I mimicked him. He chuckled and kept driving. We arrived at the school and he got me out. 
"Thanks Mason I love you babe" I said kissing his lips passionately. I heard whistles from some guys and Mason turned to them giving them a glare. I saw his fist clench and his jaw tighten. 
"Mason babe calm it" I said placing my hand on top of his fist. He just kept looking at them with an intense stare. He shot them once last glare as the boys scrambled away. I look up at him a bit frightened. 
"I'm going to the gym." he said abruptly getting into his car and speeding off. I walked into the hallway when I felt someone hug me from behind and nearly topple me onto the ground. 
"DARCY!" I heard an all too familiar male voice say. 
"WILLIAM!" I said excitedly hugging him tightly. 
"I missed you so much" he said hugging me. 
"Aw I missed you too. How was Vegas?" I giggled. 
"Awesome.. but I missed you" he said pouting. I chuckled. William had come to my school in Grade 6 and was a really close guy friend of mine. He was always there with me. 
"So how's life been for you DarcyPoo!" he said cheekily. 
"You called me that in the Sixth Grade stop!" I laughed as people looked at us. 
"Everything great.. Remember my uncle Liam's son Mason? We're dating!" I said happily. His smile quickly faded and he looked unamused. 
"What's wrong?" I asked concerned. 
"N-Nothing.. see you in Chemistry" he said and left.. 



So there it is! What Woo Woo Wuys Whink Wo Warcy??? Haha 

What do you guys think of Warcy? 

Also sorry I haven't been updating! University has started -.- I've had tons of homework so I will probably will be updating on weekends and some weekdays if I can squeeze it in! 


~Maria xx

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