Our Daughter Darcy (Sequel)

When Lilly and Harry fight, Darcy will cry. She'll be sad.. but like any other young child.. will tell no one.

When Darcy becomes a rebellious child and takes after her mothers past will she find a "Harry" to change her ways?

Find out in the sequel to Louis I Changed Get Over It...

Our Daughter Darcy.


9. Coming Home..

We drove up into my driveway and I opened the front door to see my parents on the couch crying. Dad was the first one to notice I had come in. 
"Darcy! Thank god your ok" he said hugging me. My Mum rose and her eyes were red from crying. 
"We thought something happened to you! Where have you been?" My Mum asked. 
"I've been at Uncle Liam and Danielle's, hanging out with Mason" I said pointing to Mason who was beside me. They both let out a sigh of relief. 
"Well at least your safe" My Dad said. I took a quick glance at Mason and gave him a smile. 
"Oh goodness Mason! Your lip is bleeding hunny and your shirt is covered in blood, are you ok?" my Mum said to Mason. 
"Yes I'm fine, keeping Darcy safe comes with a few bumps." He lowly chuckled. Both my parents smiled widely. 
"Thank you Mason, for protecting my daughter. You really are an honour to your father" Dad said shaking Mason's hand. 
"Well I'm off to the gym, bye Dar-Bear" Mason said as he speeded off in his Ferrari. 
"Mason's your best friend isn't he?" my Mum said smiling. 
"Mhm, he sure is" I said smiling back. Dad came closer to us. He held onto Mum's hand tightly. 
"Listen Darcy.. we are so sorry for what our fights have put your through the last couple of years. We know it's affected you, but we want you to know that we will never fight again. I love your mother and she loves me, and together we both love you" my Dad said smiling at my mother and me. I began to cry. 
"I love you too Dad" I said hugging him as his curls fell onto my face. My Mum smiled at me and welcomed me into her warm embrace. 
"I love you too Mum" I smiled. My Mum wiped away a few tears. 
"Ok hunny.. you go to get some rest now" my Mum said as I hopped up the stairs. I fell onto my bed and smiled...


Everything was perfect!


I felt my phone buzz, It was a text from Mason. 

It read:

~Working hard to keep you safe Darcy~ Along with a picture of him doing a push up. I smiled Mason was wonderful. I just really wanted to get out of that friend zone.. but I'm not sure if he does too. 



Ok it's up! And very short haha 

But there will be more details and events in the chapters to come :) 


~Maria xx

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