Still The One

Emily has been with Niall Horan for about 3 years now and things have gone a bit cracked. With the other boys and lots of friendships and relationships. friends will be torn and relationships will be broken leaving Emily heartbroken and Niall clueless. (THIS IS ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS) enjoy !


1. Getting over Niall Horan

Emily's P.O.V

"I want you out of my life forever" i scream out my bedroom window

"But i love you" Niall screams back at me

Sorry for the interruption I'm Emily and 18 but rich now I'm not really in the mood cause right n ow I'm having a 'break up spas' with my boyfriend... well ex boyfriend now. Before slamming the bedroom window i screaming

"its over!" and watch Niall walk off my lawn and wipe a tear from his eye. I feel soo bad but he deserves it he slept with one of my ex bffs not cool.


Niall's P.O.V

it wasn't my fault i didn't know she was coming over and it wasn't even Grace it was my brothers friends sister she got scared at night and she came into my room while i was sleeping. I didn't know. Anyway that's in the past and i am forced to leave it forever. "oh god" i say under my breath while running down the street i have to get to school. luckily i have my uniform on or i would of been late. i run to the school gates ahead of me and look at the time on my watch its 2 minutes till school starts "phew," i just made it.


Emily's P.O.V

i walk down the school hallway remembering that I'm in Niall's class it just shatters me thinking about it and when i get into the class room i sit down trying not to look at Niall who's huffing and puffing nearly dying. Then a happy thought hits me all of my friends are here today, then i realize that their staring at me the whole lot Danielle, Georgia, Tylah (but everyone calls her ty) and Perrie. So i wave back to them and smile.


--Lunch Time--

i sit down at our regular table and wait for all my friends and hope they get there before Niall does. No hes already here he probably made an early escape to get to me before my friends did.

"Hey," he said awkwardly

"Can I talk to you for a second,"

"In private," he continues i didn't even want to for what he did to me but i had to say OK. we walked over to the hallway and Niall looked like he was going to say something  as he opened his mouth

"Your still the one for me and i love you with all my heart," then he pulled me into a tight kiss against the wall, but i stopped him. I could never let that happen.

"I will never forget what he did to me and how you broke my heart," and i walked away back to my table hoping that my friends can save my ass. Good they were.Now i just have to break the news to them.

I couldn't help but cry so i burst into tears.

"Babe did something happen with Niall?' Tylah spoke up

"OF COURSE SOMETHING HAPPENED!" i shout and run off into the bathroom followed by Georgia. Did i just em barres myself and Niall in front of the whole school.

Niall's P.O.V

The first thing my friends react to is Liam he just stares at me i shrug back.

"What happened with Em?" Liam said

" We broke up," i say while scratching the back of my head. they all look shocked but harry seems happy hes doing hes happy dance. he might of liked Emily. Well he's Harry Styles he'll fuck anything he sees.

Georgia's P.O.V

"What happened out there with Niall", i say hoping she wont burst into tears again.

Then i stare up in horror, the reason that caused all this, Grace and Phoebe. They are the school bitches. Now Emily's got real competition. but honestly this was not the right time (and place). I could tell that Grace was the one that Niall slept with cause Emily was giving her a death stare.

Emily's P.O.V

i was about to punch them both in the head when i felt a strong hand pull me back and it wasn't Georgia.I turn around to see Louis Niall's friend standing behind me.



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