No matter what

Autumn is a 14 year old girl who never really got noticed she wasnt populer or talked to. One day she meets someone special (niall horan )and she knows things are about to change.


3. Thinking of you

Autumn POV

I walked home thinking about Niall and how nice he was to me. I still couldn't believe a person that famous would even notice me, the girl no one likes, the 'teachers pet', the out cast. My thoughts where stopped by ringing i grabbed my phone who other than.... Mum. I picked up the phone.

"Hello" i said as sweetly as i could

"Autumn, where are you? Are you all right i got worried you're usually home by now" she said and i could her voice was quite worried

"Yes, I'm fine mum just met a friend and went out for a little " i said trying to calm her down "I'm already on my way home almost there, ok?" I added

"Ok then i just got a little worried, ill see ya soon, alright?"

"Alright mum ill see you soon I'm just 2 blocks away ba bye"

"Ba bye hun" she hung up and i continued towards home.

When i got home no one was there, but i found a note on the fridge 'hun i took the boys to see grandma ill be home later
Love mum'
Well i guess that answers where every one has gone. I went upstairs to my room and got changed into sweat pants and a jumper. I just fell on my back on the bed and just lied there. i heard my phone buzzing and looked at it. Lucy.

"Hey aut, where were you after lunch" she asked hesitantly.

"Umm just went out for a bit i met someone"i said and regretted saying that i met someone, he didn't say it but i knew i couldn't tell anyone i had me Niall.

"Who?" Lucy asked with doubt.

"Umm well really, i went out and there where people" i lied very badly.

"Ok then its just that its not like you to skip class but ok, I've got to go know" i could her dad telling her to come to dinner " bye".

"Ba bye" i said as she hung up.

I put my phone down and thought about the day, and the way that by chance i met Niall he was just as sweet as i imagined. I couldn't keep my mind off of him.

Niall's POV

i got back to the hotel sneaking in past security. I went up to find the lads all gathered around like they where waiting for something and they jumped up at my sight.
"Niall!!" They all yelled

"We were worried about you, nobody knew where you had gone, not even security!" Said Liam worried

"Well I'm fine just needed to get away for a while"

"We're sorry for acting the way we did" did louis said

"That's alright lads i just got a little upset but it was actually kind of good, i mean me going off" i said ad i could feel a smirk growing on my face.

"What happened" asked Zayn eagerly

"Well i met someone"

"Who" Zayn asked as the others where about to

"I met a girl, called autumn"

"Well spit it out already then" said harry impatiently

Thats when i told them about the day and how i had met Autumn. I told them everything. They where all very interested in what i had to tell them but i finally broke the story telling session by saying i was hungry. They all agreed we should go out for dinner so we did. The whole time Autumn never slipped my mind.


I know its not amazing or anything yet but please hold on i swear it will get better just tell me what you think please and share?
Im sorry this chapter is short
And this is my first fanfic so please dont hate just constructive critisism
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