No matter what

Autumn is a 14 year old girl who never really got noticed she wasnt populer or talked to. One day she meets someone special (niall horan )and she knows things are about to change.


2. 'Outing'

" Ohh sorry " i said fumbling to get up.

"Thats all right love" i heard an irish voice say as i looked up.

I couldn't believe it, i had fallen on the cutest boy i had ever in my life seen. He had the most amazing hair and i found my self staring into his irresistible eyes ( see what i did there hah) and realized i had been staring to long. I fell on him in an awkward position and struggled to get up.
" there ya go" he said as we got up.

I found myself staring again as he continued.

"Quite a fall there, sorry for being in the way" he said in the dreamiest voice I've ever heard.

"Yes quite" i reply feeling My cheeks blush.

"Im Niall Horan, and you are?"

"Ummmm" i looked away from his gorgeous blue eyes and searched for my name. "Uhh um yea I'm autumn"

"Well autumn nice to meet you, not the best way to meet, but for such a beautiful girl it will do" he said with a sheepish grin.

I didn't know what to say, my stomach was in knots.

" so autumn how about you let me treat you to lunch so we can talk more?"

"Umm sure that sounds great" i replied mumbling.

"Well fantastic how about i take ya to me favorite place" he said in a happy irish voice.
We walked for a while making our way to the closest nandos.

"Soo Niall i haven't seen you in town before, you new here?" I asked nervously

" well actually I'm on tour" I stopped in my tracks realizing who i was talking to and felt sooo stupid.

"Omg I'm so stupid how could i forget you're Niall from one direction"

"Yep" he said laughing cheekily

"Im sorry" i said embarrassed

"For what its good to not be adored for being in 1D for once" he said smiling.

We went into nandos and i found us a place to sit while Niall went to order our food.

"Its nice to meet someone who doesn't hyperventilate at my sight" he said with a cheeky smirk on his face.

"Well I'm not really like most girls" i said then looking at the floor.

He didn't really know the extent of which i meant 'I'm not like most girls'. We dug in to our food thats when i realized he had ordered it very spicy. My tongue started burning and i knew i was going red. You see very spicy food doesn't really fit with me the same thing happens every time.

"Are you ok?" asked Niall obviously knowing something was up.

"Umm yea, you see spicy food doesn't really agree with me" i said "you see it isn't that it doesn't taste good its simply that i go red and heat up, ill be ok just excuse me for a second" i said trying to smile as nicely as i could.

Niall's POV

'Dammit I've screwed it' i thought to myself shes gone red why'd i have to go and order spicy. 'Calm down Niall its ok' 'ohh here she comes'.

"Im so sorry i didn't know" i said

"Thats ok really you enjoy the chicken I wasn't very hungry anyway ill just have the other things" she said smiling i was glad she didn't mind.

"Ok, just let me get you some ice cream later to make up for it" i continued digging into the chicken

"Alright" she said as she continued sipping at her drink.

"Soo Niall do you wanna tell me about yourself ?"

"Umm" i thought for a second, i wasn't really prepared for questions while i was eating.

"Well I'm 19 right now, as you know I'm in one direction" she looked at me and giggled i giggled as well "uh I'm irish if you cant tell from the accent, and uh yeah".

"Ok i knew all those but ok haha" she said smiling.

"What about you tell me everything about yourself" i said smiling

"Well if you must know I'm 14". I stopped a little shocked she could tell

"I know I'm too young blah blah blah i should probably just leave right?"

She was right she was young but i got past it thinking i mean its only 5 years a lot of people have 4-5 year differences and are perfectly happy.

"No, don't go its ok keep telling me about yourself" she smiled slightly and relaxed a little.

"Well" she continued " i have 2 brothers my mum's name is Victoria, youngest brother is harry and oldest brother is Felipe. My dad is jake but i haven't seen him in a year he had to go work over in Australia and yea thats me pretty much hehe" she explained i was smiling just looking at her

"Ive finished so would you like to go get that ice cream now?" I finally go out.

"Coarse for a skinny boy you sure can fit a lot of food in yourself" she laughed as i joined her.

We walked to and ice cream parlor and i got 2 scoops of chocolate and she got a scoop of vanilla.
We laughed and talked as i walked her back to where i had met her we had been out for 3 hours when we returned it was 4:39 now and i knew she had to go. I looked her in the eyes for a bit before telling her i enjoyed our little 'outing'

"Me too it was nice" she said smiling down

"Hah yea well it helped me get my mind off of things" i said as she looked up at me "we should do this again sometime, do you have a phone?" I asked, she nodded handing me her phone i popped in my number. "There ya go but i should be getting back to the lads, it was lovely meeting you"

"I loved meeting you thanks so much for everything" she said smiling as we said our goodbyes and headed off.
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