No matter what

Autumn is a 14 year old girl who never really got noticed she wasnt populer or talked to. One day she meets someone special (niall horan )and she knows things are about to change.


1. Meeting you

The light rays from the sun hits my face making me come to a consciousness. I moan still tired resisting the urge to once again sleep. I tilt my head to the side, and hastily search for my phone charging beside my bed. I pick it up checking it like the morning paper i look at the time and spring out out bed, its 7:37 and i need to get to school soon. I go into the bathroom and brush my dark blonde hair its almost a brown colour, its quite straight just slightly wavy. I can never get my fringe right its always quite messy never agreeing with me. I wash my face to wake up a little rubbing my eyes and looking at them in the mirror they're a greenish brown depending on the light. I undress looking at my far from perfect body and make my way to my wardrobe. I try various clothes on but finally decide on a blue wavy dress with a matching blue cardigan and my favorite black all stars.

"Hurry, get breakfast autumn or your brothers will have eaten it all by the time you get here" yells mum from down stairs.

I grab my school bag hanging it off one shoulder tell my mum just a minute. Just as i'm heading out of my room i go i remember to brush my teeth and run down stairs. I get down and my two little brothers are fighting over the last pancake i sneak up and take it, they both gasp as a grin widens across their faces and i scruff up their hair

"lucky you even got one" mum says smiling from the kitchen as she makes the boys' lunches.

I give mum a peck on the cheek an head off to school. As I'm walking to school i meet up with Lucy my only friend ever since i started at this new school only a term ago. Lucy had dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes very skinny yet short girl. We walk in silence but its not awkward we're just not like the talkative popular girls. We walk past the shops and Lucy notices a poster saying one direction is in town she loves them where as i really don't pay attention to them I've always gained interest when she began talking about Niall though. Niall sounded like the perfect person and he was quite the looker. I did become interested in this though i mean why would they come to New Zealand, Christchurch of all places.

"You know autumn, I'm gonna meet them one day and harry styles will fall madly in love with me you know " said Lucy eagerly.

"Really, cause its totally likely a famous, rich, handsome, sweet, amazing teenage boy is gonna simply meet you fall head over heels for you, and its just that simple" i asked her sarcastically.

I never liked to get fed up with famous people, i mean no boy i know likes me why would someone like them like me. I looked at Lucy and realized i had been harsh and tried to lighten up the mood.

"i mean you're amazing Lucy they could never come to be good enough for your feet !". I said almost laughing and i saw it worked she was smiling again.

We had arrived at school and some girl i had never seen before came sprinting up to Lucy taking her away screaming 'OMG OMG OMG 1D IS HERE' i smirked but was kinda hurt that she would leave me like that but oh well. People where staring and pointing but i was used to it. You see I'm not 'popular' here at all. I don't know what I've done but obviously people don't like it. I pretend i don't care but i truly long for someone who will like me for me and not be obsessed with looks.

This is what Niall is wearing plus blue jeans and red vans

"Hey li-"

"Not now Niall we're busy".

I didn't like it when people talked to me like that,especially Liam i mean we were close i get that they were all stressed about the tour but they're being so serious i don't know why.

"Well ok then guys I'm leaving " nobody replied i had to get away, all their stress was driving me insane.

I sneaked out not letting any security see me i couldn't stand being so 'protected' all the time. I didn't know where i was going i just wanted some time to think straight. I walked through the streets but didn't need to worry about anyone seeing the streets where pretty much empty. I found an old rusted playground behind what i think was a school and made my way towards it.

Autumn POV

Another start to another day. I make my way to the back of the school with my head hanging low. Lucy was still gone so i went to sit at the park behind the school when i suddenly fumble into someone and me fall to the ground.
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