No matter what

Autumn is a 14 year old girl who never really got noticed she wasnt populer or talked to. One day she meets someone special (niall horan )and she knows things are about to change.


4. I cant resist

Autumn's POV (what she is wearing minus the hand bag just a normal school bag) (what lucy us wearing on very right)

it had only been two days and i desperately wanted to call Niall. I was trying not to seem desperate though, but being with Niall was like nothing i could ever imagine. He made me feel for the first time in my life like i was worth something to someone that wasn't my family.
I was at school and i had just come out of english i saw lucy and we walked back to the park where i had met Niall.

"Sooo, Aut I've been holding it back but... I need to ask for details" she exclaimed

I looked at her confused, and her being my best friend picked it up.

"Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about and i know there was a guy involved, you can't lie to me" i knew she wouldn't fall for it and i was kind of relieved, i really wanted to tell her.

"Well i met a guy" i started.

"And!! Come on aut you have to tell me name, looks everything!" She said very un-patiently .

"I don't know if i can tell you who it is luc its not that i don't trust you it's...." I started but was interrupted.

"I don't care aut you're telling me right here right now, you're my best friend, we tell each other everything why stop now?" She asked "plus you know I'm just so amazing you have to tell me" she said with a cheeky grin across her face.

"Ok,i trust you" i said hesitantly " his name is N.." I started.

"N..?" She was confused.

"Close your mouth and swear you won't scream"

"Aut you're scaring me" she said obviously worried

"Just do it " i said in-patiently

"Okay continue"

"Niall, Niall Horan" i said i could see her face was red,shocked and she didn't say anything

Lucy's POV

Omg i thought to myself my bestfriend autumn went on a date with Niall!! My heart was racing and i couldn't speak no matter how i tried. I finally managed to spit out words.

"Omg,omg,omg and what happned where did he take you. Most importantly do you have a number!!" I said not hiding how amazing this was

"Well yea i have a number bu.." I cut her off

"What have you talked about, have you texted him"

"Well you see i didn't want to be a clingy girl so um no" she said but i couldnt believe.

"Omg, what the hell are you wating for call him" i tried to convince her

"Ok,ok i will just come to mine after school and ill call him" yes i thought

"Okay i will and you better"

We sat in silence for a while eating mainly because i was so shocked and couldn't wait till after school. The bell rung a little while later and we went off to class but i was so exited.

Niall's POV

I had been waiting for autumn to call in the past two days the only thing keeping my mind from it was rehearsals. I don't know why but i really wanted her to ring and i was beging to feel in-patient. I couldn't take it any more so i asked the boys what they thought.

"She'll call Nialler, i mean you're Niall, any girl would be lucky to have you" said harry reassuringly

"Don't worry about it i mean she's 14 anyway, are you sure you know what you're doing?" asked lou. He would never date anyone under the age of 17 but even then it was 4 years different.

"Oh boo-bear who gives a damn if she's 14, i wouldn't care" said harry responding to his remark. " what's the youngest you would date?" He asked gesturing to lou.

"Well 17, but i don't have to worry about that cause i've got Eleanor" he replied.

"Well that's 4 years difference right there it's only 5 between Niall and... Autumn is it?" Harry said making me feel more reassured.

"Yea ok then, i get where you're coming from" lou said in an almost defeated look.

"I knew you'd give in boo-bear" harry smirked childly, lou couldn't help but give a little laugh.

"Well.... Uhh thanks don't really know where it got me on the whole sit..."i started but my phone began ringing. I looked around the lads had gone quiet. I picked up my phone and answered it.

"Hello ?" I said into the phone hopefully.

"Oh hey Niall, whats up sorry it took me so long to call" i was relieved it was Autumn

"Oh that's fine i replied" i replied "i'm good how about you?" i asked trying to continue the conversation as best i could.

"Im great, listen well umm...." She said "i was calling to see well, if maybe i don't know, you wanted to go out tomorrow?" She asked an i felt relieved but she continued "like on a date?" She said in a hopeful voice.

"Uhh" i thought speechless "yes of coarse" i finally managed to spit out "the only thing is we'll have to meet were I'm staying because i cant leave the building at the moment" i continued quickly.

"Thats quite alright i mean as long as we meet up" i could feel the cheerfulness in her voice.

"Great ill send you the address and shall we say around eight?" I said hearing a slight scream in the background "umm autumn?"

"Oh sorry my friend Lucy is here and she kinda just walked in and heard you so uh aha" she said nervously.

"Okay, well you could bring her along if you like I'm sure the boys can keep her company" i said hearing another scream.

"Yes,yes,yes" i heard an unfamiliar voice squeal.

"Okay then see you tomorrow Autumn" i said as calmly as i could

"Okay, can't wait" i heard before the beeping of a phone call being ended.


I really need feed back guys and I'm sorry it took so long for this chapter i was very busy and will return to doing one at least every two days. And thanks to the people who are reading it now its my first mouvella so I'm happy some people are enjoying it
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