No matter what

Autumn is a 14 year old girl who never really got noticed she wasnt populer or talked to. One day she meets someone special (niall horan )and she knows things are about to change.


5. Be mine


hiya guys thanks so much to the people who have read this so far it means a lot!!!
This chapter was written especially for @baylee24 thanks for the support. This is personally my fave chapter so far. Please leave feedback!!! Thanks a bunck :0) <3

Autumn's POV

It felt like eternity waiting for our date, Niall had sent me the address and i was hopelessly waiting, staring at the clock as it ticked on and on. It was 4 in the afternoon and i had nothing to do. I decided to go have a shower. I went to my bathroom and turned on the shower as i undressed. I stood in the shower thinking on and on, mainly thought about the date. I wondered what it would be like, if the boys would accept me and if i did end up with Niall what would my life be like? When i finally got out of the shower i wrapped myself in a towel and blow dried my hair. I went back into my room and fell back onto my bed.

I must have fallen asleep because next thing i know it's 7pm and Im still in a towel on my bed. I got off my bed and went to my closet. I tried on heaps of different clothes before finally going with purple, strapless dress that went down to my knees i put on gladiator heels and brushed my hair. Content with myself i looked at the clock 7:36. I decided to get going.
I went down stairs to where mum was my brothers where in their rooms.

"Where are you going all dressed up?" My mum asked playfully

"On a date" i replied happily

"Really? Aww my little girl's all grown up" she said hugging me with a big smile

"Well i got to go mum, or ill be late" i said giving mum a kiss goodbye and going towards the door.

"Just be home before midnight, you got your key?" She asked and i nodded.
Mum trusted me completely hence the midnight curfew.

I got the bus stop to near where he had messaged where i met Lucy and we walked down the road excitedly. Lucy was wearing a nice little black dress and black heels.

We arrived at the entrance and press the buzzer. When the door is opened its 2 security guards and they start to tell us to leave when Niall comes to the door.

"Its all right guys " he says and i can feel myself blush and i know Lucy is freaking out.

He welcomes us in and gives me a peck on the cheek. I look around. Its a very large house with wooden floors (unusual as its in new zealand). To the left is a large lounge (living room) there is this square around it with stairs going down into a carpeted lounge. There's a large leather coach (sofa) and a plasma screen tv. Going just a little further the kitchen is tiled and very large completely black and white. Continuing down straight from the door down the hallway there are heaps of rooms Niall leads us into a large one thats blue, with light blue shag carpeting, there are beanbags everywhere and yet a other plasma screen tv. This is where the boys and they greet us cheerfully.

"Ello" they all say in unison almost as if it were planned.

"Well these are the lads.." He started but was interrupted by Lucy

"I'm Lucy" she blurted out.

"Well leave you guys to get to know each other and we'll come back later" Niall said cheerfully.

I began to walk in when Niall put his hand on my shoulder.

"Not you love. Ive got something special for you" he said with the cutest smile i think I've ever seen "here put this on" he said handing me a blindfold.

I didn't question it i put it on and before i knew it Niall had picked me up bridal style and carried me to my 'surprise'. He put me down and opened a door. He lead me a little further telling me to mind my step.

"You can look now" he whispered in my ear. I took of the blindfold and gasped at the sight. There where strings of white lights everywhere going to above where a table had been set for 2. There was a path through the grass leading to it with candles lit beside it. The table was set just in front of a little pond (which was more like a wee pool that had lily pads on it). Since it was summer the sun still hadn't set (because nz is so close to the south pole) but it was going down already as it was near winter. I finished admiring everything and looked to see Niall gesturing his hand to me.

"Ma lady" he said with a grin, i could help but chuckle.

"Sir" i replied smiling and bowing as i took his hand cheekily.

He led me to the table where he took the chair out so that i could sit, then he sat opposite to me.

"Soo....?"he started "what do you think?" He asked hopefully.

"I think it's wonderful" i replied cheer fully.

He rung a little bell and a waiter came scurrying along with our meals. He placed then down in front of us and i thanked him.

"What would you like to drink madame"
He said but before i could say anything he replied for me.

"Bring her some juice and me too" he says " sorry" he continues towards me
"Its the only non-alcoholic drink we have at the moment, and since you're 14 and all yea " he stops

"Thats all right I'm fine with juice" i reply

We chat for a while listening to music in the back ground. Until little things comes on. He gets up and turns the volume up. He comes back over and offers me his hand.

"Would you like to dance?" He says his eyes sparkling in the sunset.

"Of coarse" i say as i take his hand and we slow dance to the music. I rest my head on his shoulders and close my eyes.

"You know Autumn, i, i feel comfortable with you" he starts and i look up into his eyes. "I think you're.." He starts but i stop him by pressing my lips against his in a passionate embrace.

I can feel sparks fly as we kiss and i want this to last forever. He kisses back and our lips move as one. I pull away and look into his eyes once more.

"I think you're amazing" i whisper in his ear. I hug him before he talks. I then attempt to tickle him but with no pro-vale. He smiles cheekily as i walk back until....

"Aaaahhhhhh" i squeal as i slip and fall into the pond (pool).

I resurface to find Niall looking worriedly into the water.

"Are you all right" he asks gesturing his hand to help me up .

" I'm fine " reply grabbing his hand before pulling him in with me.
He resurfaces chuckling.

"What was that for?" he asks playfully

"I was lonely"i reply with a pout which only makes him chuckle once more.

"Im here now though" he comes closer and pecks my lips.

" come on he says swimming over to the side of the pool where he sits. I follow him. There's a chair sort of thing where i cuddle up with him and we watch the sunset.

When its dark the butler comes back with towel and we get out. We go inside we Niall gives me one of his tops and some pants.

"Sorry it's all i got for you to wear"he says before showing me to the bathroom to change.

I change into his clothes and come out to find him changed as well.

"How do i look?" I ask cheekily

"Astonishing" he replies smiling

He leads us to where the boys and Lucy are. They're all laughing and talking when we walk in.

"Hey guys" Niall says and everyone replies nobody asks why our hairs wet or why I'm wearing nail's clothes.

"We were just about to play truth or dare" harry exclaims

"Yea" Liam confirms

"Alright" Niall replies bringing me with him.

We all sit in a circle and Zayn starts.

"Harry truth or dare?" Asks zayn

"Dare" he replies confidently

"I dare you to snog Lucy" he says cheekily as Lucy blushes.

Harry leans in and starts making out with Lucy. Liam soon breaks them up before it goes and further.

"Ok now my turn" harry snarls playfully

"Liam, truth or dare?" He asks

"Dare" he replies

"Alright, i dare you to run outside and yell 'the masta of doncasta is a free elf" he smirked.

"Alright then" he replies before doing so.

Everyone continues daring each other. Liam had to do the salt and ice challenge and Lucy had to swap clothes with louis. It was now naill's turn and he turned to me.

"Autumn truth or dare?" He asked me

"Dare" i replied

"I dare you..... To come on tour with me, and be my girlfriend"
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