Avery Blayze was a somewhat normal girl. she had a good family, a good house, a good group of friends, just a good life overall. but on one fateful night she lost everything, and gained only pain ridden scars. sent away for 6 years she has finally returned to her hometown, not expecting what had changed, or rather, who had changed.


2. well it's been a while...hello again

5 years later:

"lucas, come on! buddy, we have to go!" i said affectionately. i offered my hand, knowing full and well he wouldn't take it. it was more of a signal than anything else. he stared at me with those wide, beautiful, confusing green eyes. i smiled, ruffling his sandy brown hair. he didn't shrink back from my touch, an improvement that had taken months. he headed towards my baby, my beautiful car, April. named after the month i had got her, for my birthday. Lucas got in the passenger seat and stared at me. i hurriedly got in the car, knowing he didn't like dawdling or being late.

i started up the car, knowing he didnt mind listening to my music, i put on my sleeping with sirens cd. i sang along bouncing in my seat a little as i drove. i was a strange habbit i guess, something about any type of music made me want to start moving. 

we got to Lucas's concillers office and jumped out of the car, beckoning him. his eyes narrowed reconizing the place and i gulped. i really ddint have time for him to freak out. Emily and Richard had wanted to talk to me about something.

thankfuly Lucas got reluctantly out of my baby, and headed toward my smiling face.

"good, good!" i gushed, sounding like a flustered kindergarten teacher. we headed inside the cool, air-conditioned building where everything was child proof. i dropped him off with cindy like i had done so many many times before and rushed home. 

my aunt and uncle were already seated in the living room. who wants to be a millionere playing softly on the television.

"so whats up?" i asked flopping down on a coushined chair. i sat with my pillow resting on my stomach.

Emily and Richerd looked nervously at each other. finally, clearing his throat, richard spoke.

"as you may well know, its been.... almost 6 years. since...since... well anyway we decided we want to go back to your home town, Bradford. for...well for as long as we want. it may be a month, it may be till emily and i are six feet under. we are going in two weeks."

i just sort of sat there, numbly staring at the tassled coushin on my stomach. we were going back. everything i ever wanted, and now i had it i wanted to give it back like some snobby child who realised a pet hamster isnt all that its cracked up to be. i gulped in a big breath of air and feeling eyes on me i nodded jerkily. i realised i would see Zayn again. if he still lived there that is. we had kept touch for the first 3 years, then evetually we got wrapped up in our own lives and dramas and we havent spoken since. i never did end up visiting.

sure it was nice here, i had pretty good friends, who were entertaining and sweet and funny and caring. but they were nothing compared to zayn. i was a popular girl, but it wasn't like i was queen bitch like regina george from mean girls. high school here was simple. pretty much everyone was nice to some extent to each other. there were still your usual cliques. the jocks, the bubblehead cheerleaders, the nerds, the wallflowers, those people who have a lot of friends but arent popular, the artists, musicians etc. i wasn't a cheerleader,. oh hell no, over my bloody, cold, dead body . i had kept up karate and kickboxing, and began dancing not soon after i got here, needing another thing to keep me from thinking to much. i was an average student making an a or a b+ usually. i had a lot on my plate, from kick boxing 4 nights a week for 3 hours, karate 2 nights a week for 2 hours and dancing every time in between. i was quite the night owl now, staying up doing my homework to almost perfection.

life was going. i was moving with it. but i wasn't feeling it. i wasn't truly, fully alive.

maybe zayn would fill the hole that i had been living with since i was 12. that is if e even remembers me. i sure remember him. i always keep my promises. he always used to keep his. 

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