Avery Blayze was a somewhat normal girl. she had a good family, a good house, a good group of friends, just a good life overall. but on one fateful night she lost everything, and gained only pain ridden scars. sent away for 6 years she has finally returned to her hometown, not expecting what had changed, or rather, who had changed.


3. home

i dropped my heavy bags in my new room. i looked at the vast space, double the size of my old bedroom. we had bought a fairly nice home, on a rich street. i heard the moving truck pull into our driveway, and i sighed. i looked out of my window. it faced the backyard. lucas was already outside. he gently tugged at a leaf, surprised when it came away with his hand. he stared at it, then let it flutter softly to the ground. my brother was beautiful. i knew that already. with his lean frame, cropped sandy hair and wide, piercing eyes, girls would go crazy for him...if he was normal. it saddened me he would probably never have a family, a life really. 

i looked beyond my brother, past the fence and stared at the wispy woods. i recognized it from somewhere...a tv show? perhaps. then it hit me. that was where the swings were! that was me and Zayns secret spot. i bit my lip, eyes burning with many many unshed tears for the loss of the best friend a girl could ask for.

i shrugged and turned away from the window. i had school tomorrow. i needed to make a good first impression. i dint care wether i was popular or not, i could make a stand for myself, but i still liked to look good. i picked out a cute off the shoulder batman shirt and denim shorts with silver studs on one of the back pockets. i looked to my clock, and saw it was 9:00 pm already. i decided to get some shut eye so i didn't have massive bags in the morning.

*next morning* i hopped out from my car and surveyed the parking lot. i got a lot of looks and i saw girls evaluating me, seeing if i was worthy of their group. i just rolled my eyes, shrugged my backpack on and headed towards the clearly marked office,

the receptionist looked tired and worn down. i felt sorry for her, stuck in this shitty job watching kids smoking behind cars all day. must be depressing. as i told her my information i had a quick scan of the activities board beside me. there was a dancing team, but it sounded rather run down and weak. i guess i would check it out though. no harm in having a look.

i thanked the lady for my schedule etc and walked to my newly assigned locker. i fiddled with the lock for a second, before figuring out its rusty secrets. i yanked it open and gazed at the emptiness. thank god there was no awful graffiti or permanent glue mirrors. i started shoving my stuff in it, saving the books for my first few subjects. as i had finished i heard a few hushed whispers and i felt like jesus had walked into the room. i turned.

nope. just the classic school golden couple. i looked away without a second glance, not giving a damn about their prestigious presence. i had finally sorted my crap out, after 5 minutes or cursing and pointless shoving. i closed my locker and turned, jumping about 3 feet in the air, seeing a little blonde princess leaning all up in my personal space bubble.

"woah." i said. she smirked, and i knew she thought i was talking about her so called 'beauty' if you called a whole department stores worth of makeup on her face, a ton of heat  to get her hair straight and a pushup bra to get her barely c's falling out a beauty. i sure didn't.

she looked me up and down, judging my casual outfit, my 'red carpet' dark aurburn waves as my auntie always liked to remind me and naturally tan skin. i didn't squirm uncomfortably under her heavy gaze. just leaned casually against the wall of navy lockers.

"get it over with barbie, i got places to be." i said in a flat tone, checking my phone, texting hannah, a friend from london back.

Barbie seemed shocked that i had called her barbie. she stood tall and i rolled my eyes. here comes the 'I'm an independent person with feelings and thoughts!' speech. yep. sure. that is why your dressed like 85% of the worlds teenage girl population.

"i am no barbie. i mean who the hell do you think you-" i held up my hand cutting her off.

"hon, if i saw you on the street, i would have thought you were a hooker without needing a more thank 5 second glance. now if you run off to you annoying little mimic squad over there it would ease the headache you whiny voice is starting to give me." i said, holding her gaze the entire time. girls like her needed to know they weren't queen bitch around here. barbie huffed, and stomped away. i smirked, then feeling tons of pairs of eyes on me, i looked around.

they were all shocked at my confrontation with princess penelope over there. seriously. did anyone around her have a backbone? i just turned on my heel brushing past the plastic clones, all glaring at me as i breezed by. the leader was wrapped in pretty boys arms moaning to him about what an evil bitch i was. i laughed a little bit under my breath. i felt sorry for the poor boy.

i found my way to class easily, flopping down in the hard plastic seat. i placed my geometry book in front of me and groaned

"that was really cool, what you did back there." i turned to the voice. a cute boy with a growing buzz cut and warm chocolate eyes was smiling sweetly, but a little anxiously at me. 

"what. does no one ever stand up to ms future bad boob job over there." he chuckled a little, a deep throaty one, and shook his head grinning. i decided that i loved this boys smile.

"no, they are all just afraid she will ruin their lives completely, then send her boyfriend to beat them up." i narrowed my gaze.

"well those are the rumors, no ones actually crossed her to have it happen." he rambled a little.

"we i have 9 years worth of kickboxing and karate up my sleeve. i think I'm set" i said dryly. the boy grinned.

"Avery. Avery Blayze."

"Liam. Liam Payne" we shook hands very formally then cracked a teasing smile each. 

"so what part of the social ladder do you fall into, Liam?" he shifted nervously.

"well we aren't nerds, we definitely aren't popular, we just kind of drift around in the middle somewhere i guess." he said. "what about you?"

"same, i guess. i don't really fit into one, at my old school everyone knew who i was and liked me i guess, but they weren't judgmental cows there, so i think I'm going to be enemy number one for the populars."

"and hero number one for the rest of us." Liam added. i grinned.

"hell yes i will be!"

the bell rang cutting off our laughter, and in through the door came the most beautiful boy i have ever seen. 

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