Avery Blayze was a somewhat normal girl. she had a good family, a good house, a good group of friends, just a good life overall. but on one fateful night she lost everything, and gained only pain ridden scars. sent away for 6 years she has finally returned to her hometown, not expecting what had changed, or rather, who had changed.


1. hello my name is...

Avery Blayze. nice to meet you. I've been told I'm as fiery as my name. Thats good. Our world in this day and age is filled with to much evil and too many douchebags for you to be all sweetness and light. Fire is good. Powerful. Unbeatable. 

Isn't it ironic that my last name, the thing i was entranced by, the thing i loved, ripped my life apart. Because of me.

i was only 12. i was trying to light the fire in those cold winter months, tossing match after match carelessly to the side, they had burnt down to far for me to hold because i had been busy staring at the little, yet strong flame wavering bravely in the frigid air. I blew on my fifth match as it fizzled to close to the burning zone. i tossed it to the growing pile, unsuspecting. 

by the time i had got the fire started with the eighth match, the fire behind me had eaten half of the living room. set off by a still lit match. i made a choked, pitiful sound in the back of my throat. 

i rushed to my 1 and a half year old brother lucas's room where he was screaming. i picked him up and rushed to the front door. i tripped on the rug flying down, my head flying into the glass door as i fell. i dropped lucas, in my semi conscious daze. i stumbled around before collapsing.

i woke up alone in the hospital almost all alone. my parents killed trying to find us in the blaze. lucas had only just made it, thankfully. i stood by his cot, thankful for the fact at least he was alive. lucas was autistic, not terribly, but a pretty solid amount. in that moment, looking at my frail brother and his delicate mind i felt my first dose of true, real, cold fear rush trough me like the blood pumping in my veins had completely frozen. i stood there, paralyzed, breaking, crying for what i had lost, and the burden i had gained. for there is nothing heavier than guilt. I was alone.

And that is where my tragic life really started. 

of course we had an aunt and uncle that were willing to take us in. my fathers brother and his wife.  but we had to move far away, and when i say far, i mean like a good couple of thousand kilometers. So in a strange way, i was still alone, surrounded by people.

it was heartbreaking to say goodbye. to my close girl friends, my best girl friend of all time Neomie or Neo. and then the person i shared everything with, the person who lived across the garden, the person who i trusted with my life. Zayn Malik. my own personal guardian angel wrapped up in a cute boy just a day older than me. my protecter, the one i protected, my advice giver, the one i gave advice to. my soulmate. my best friend. 

we sat on the swings in a rundown park we had discovered in the nearby woods. i could see the sadness in his eyes, the same sadness i knew was reflected in mine. 

"your leaving aren't you?" he said forlornly, his head full of insanely soft, silky hair was bowed. 

i just nodded, unable to speak. i bit my lip as the heavy silence dragged on into minutes. i saw a tear fall from zayns cheek and kneeled on the ground under him. 

"i will miss you. i will never forget. i promise." i whispered. he just shook his head.

"the bullying will start, without you." he said barely above a breath.

"then don't let it. we didn't take 3 years full of karate and kick boxing lessons for nothing." he just nodded reluctantly. 

"i'll call and visit. but for now, i have to go." i said getting up and walking home. i turned around at the edge of the clearing we were hidden in. his sad face was looking at my departing figure. i gave Zayn a small, short wave. he waved back. i nodded and headed home. to meet my fate. oh what joy.

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