Avery Blayze was a somewhat normal girl. she had a good family, a good house, a good group of friends, just a good life overall. but on one fateful night she lost everything, and gained only pain ridden scars. sent away for 6 years she has finally returned to her hometown, not expecting what had changed, or rather, who had changed.


5. Discovering

School was finally over. I walked home, just as the clouds opened up and presented me with their contents. I shivered as a drop shimmied down the back of my neck.
"Need a ride?" I heard, I glanced and saw pretty boy. I groaned and shook my head. I was tired, I didn't want to put up with his sleazy pick up lines any more today.
"Come on, I promise not to say anything flirty!"he persisted. I heaved a great sigh and walked over to the idling car. I swung myself into the seat, not caring if I got the leather wet at all. Pretty boy just continued driving.
"So...what's your name?" He asked.
"That's for me to know and you to find out." I replied. I felt his eyes burning holes into the side of my head.
"Avery." I said simply.

Zayns p.o.v
"Avery." I heard her say faintly. Avery...Avery. My old best friend. I stiffened and glanced at the girl. It couldn't be...could it?
"What's your last name?" I pestered. She glanced at me. Then looked out the window.
"This is my stop here." She said. I slowed outside the nice house, waiting for her to answer.
She nodded her thanks at me and hopped out.
"Wait what's your name?" I called not even knowing if she heard me over the heavy downpour.
She walked up to her door, she paused and shouted,
"Blayze." She called. This was no coincidence, my best friend was back!
Excited and disgusted with myself for saying those dirty things to her I sped off,thinking of how I could officially re introduce myself.

Averys p.o.v
I slammed my bedroom door closed. Oh. My. God. Where the actual frack did I know that guy from? It was seriously hurting my brain not being able to place the name, face and place together. I dropped my heavy bag on the ground and opened my laptop. Facebook first. I had a lot of new friend requests, all from my new school. After accepting them all, a few sleaze balls chatted me, saying I was hot and asking for a certain type of friendship...
I blocked them all. Creep-o's.
after scrolling through tumblr for half an hour I decided to see what the homework here was Like. I am such a loner.

*next day at school*
I walked down the hallway towards my locker.
Liam was walking My way.
"Liam!" I called. He looked up from the ground, surprised. I gasped.
"Holy crap on a cracker what happened to your face!" I half yelled. Liam's eyes widened.
"Um nothing! Nothing at all!" He said shakily. The bell for first period rang, and the hall cleared. I dragged Liam to the girls bathroom despite his protests. I wet some paper towels and beckoned him over. He looked around nervously but came.
"Sit." I pointed like I was training a dog. He obeyed. I had an urge to say 'good boy!' God I am crazy!
I pressed the cold paper towel to his bleeding, bruising cheek. He flinched but I held it in place. I got another paper towel and scrapped at the dried blood.
"Liam, I think you need to go to the nurse." I worried. He shook his head.
"No! I'm fine!" He protested.
"We'll you sure dont look like it." I said blandly. He turned to look in the mirror and was shocked.
"Liam, who did this?"
"No one. I ran into a door." I knew he was lying.
"The jocks." It wasn't even a question. His eyes widened. That was all the answer I needed.
"Pretty boy?" I said using the nickname. He knew who it was.
"Ye-no! I mean no!" He cried. He got off the counter and winced. I lifted up his shirt and saw more bruising. I sucked in a breath and bit my lip.
"Liam. Where. Is. The. Nurses. Office." I said pointedly.
He hung his head and gave me directions. I helped him to it, then waited till he was fixed up. Oh heads will roll today.
We missed the first two and a half periods, and decided to not bother with the rest of it. We sat side by side in the library. I questioned him about it, and it turned out pretty boy had been doing it since they were both 13. And his name was Zayn. Him even having the same name as my old friend sickened me to my stomach. Zayn had turned the entire school against Liam and his only 3 friends. How dare he!
"You won't say anything will you?" Liam nervously said. I didn't answer.
"Avery! You can't! No! Please don't do anything!" He pouted and I huffed.
"I'm not making any promises, but I'll try not to." I said. Liam nodded.
Soon it was lunch and I was looking for Liam and his friends. He was sitting down, head bowed while his friends talked. I sat beside him and his head snapped up.
"Uh hey. Can I sit with you guys today?" I asked.
They looked at me in shock silence.
"But your the new girl, shouldn't you be trying to sit with the populars?"a curly headed guy said.
I shook my head laughing.
" let's just say I'm a bit different. Plus I know Liam from class." I said. The guys looked at him surprised.
"Well anyway. I'm harry." The curly headed guy said. I nodded and shook his outstretched hand.
"Louis." A guy with slightly quaffed brown hair said with a salute. I returned the gesture.
"Niall." A boy with a cute Irish accent said with a wave. I grinned and waved.
I liked these guys already.
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