Avery Blayze was a somewhat normal girl. she had a good family, a good house, a good group of friends, just a good life overall. but on one fateful night she lost everything, and gained only pain ridden scars. sent away for 6 years she has finally returned to her hometown, not expecting what had changed, or rather, who had changed.


4. A private tour

Zayns P.O.V
My girlfriend, Tiana had rushed over to me, a hot stomping mess complaining about 'some crazy ass bitch' who had insulted her. I would have liked to see that. Her annoying friends oohed and awwed in pity and I just rolled my eyes as Tiana picked up my limp arms and wrapped them around her tiny waist. I saw her scowling at a beautiful auburn hair girl, who weaves herself amongst the gossiping crowd with the grace if a dancer. I stared at her as she passed. She smirked and laughed a little as she passed our little group. What I wouldn't give To be a mind reader right now.
I checked my phone and saw the bell was going to go. I quickly tried to untangle myself from Tianas octopus limbs and headed to class. I surveyed the room, bored already. I heard loud laughing and I saw the new girl sitting with that guy Leo. No, Lucas. No. Liam! That's it! She ran a hand over his head saying something about his new haircut.
The beautiful girl looked up, her so familiar ice blue orbs looked deep inside my soul. Woah, look at me, the c-student getting all poetic. I realised I had been staring at her a moment to long, so I gave my trademark smirk that was famous around here and flopped in a seat behind her, where one of Liam's friends usually sat. I tilted my chair forward so my mouth was positioned right beside her ear.
"Hey babe, you new round these parts?" I said in my sexy voice. She stiffened slightly and turned slowly, her beautiful eyes narrowed in annoyance.
"I guess you could say that." She said, surprising me with her slightly playful tone. I winked.
"I could show you round babe, my rooms been given...particularly good reviews." I said, feeling a bit sleazy. She just went with it, schooling her expression into one of mocking delight.
"Really? I get to see mr populars bedroom? All my wildest dreams have come true!" She said in a ditzy voice. I heard Liam laugh and she smiled mischievously. So that's how she wanted to play it.
"I have a free period after this, I know a good spot." I said. She grinned.
"I highly doubt you could last a WHOLE period." My eyes widened at her boldness. She turned round laughing along with Liam. I sat back In a huff, I couldn't escape the nagging feeling that I knew her from somewhere. It couldn't have been a one night stand. Surely I would remember her goddess like face, even if I was totally trashed. I needed to know her name. Soon.
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