Oddly Enough - A Human's Tale

An orphan child sings tragedy in the blackness, perched upon the top of a hill, twirling beneath the glow of the moon, her waist-lengthened midnight hair curling softly with the breeze like smoke whispering and curving against the jewels embedded in the night sky of the Shire. Is she just another lost little girl who couldn't find her place in Middle Earth, or is she something more? The Ring is destroyed, but something else soon darkens the hearts of the innocent, threatening to cast a shadow over the whole of Middle Earth. Can Little Elenwë avoid the threat of death and even find her true identity through the midst of this? Or maybe, just maybe, could she be the very core of an adventure?


2. Blue Shadows

Once upon a time on the tops of a hill, there lived a girl. Not a smiling, laughing sort of hill like the ones you might imagine, with blossoming buds and the chirp of birds and the kiss of the breeze. It was a black hill, the darkest of the Shire, and it was forbidden to stray near in fear of the dangers that lurk there. Now, one may think the Shire as not the sort of place to be other than peaceful, never mind dangerous, but every place has its drop, I suppose. Even the peaceful little land of the hobbits has a spot where the sun doesn't shine.

Though the sunlight did not filter the sloping and rising lands of that black hill, another did. This was no other than a tiny, lost soul, so small that she was even mistaken for a hobbit child at times, and was often called from her hill, only to be left standing alone in the dark of the shadows when her summoner discovered exactly who they had spoken to. This, as you might have guessed, was the girl I was talking about earlier. With sickeningly pale skin, a frail frame, and hair as black as night, deep as midnight and curled in waves that chop roughly to her lower back, she was not only mistaken as a hobbit child at times, but as a ghost. Now, if you are wondering why I left out her facial features, it is either that I have never had the chance to see them, I cannot describe them, or just one is important enough to put into words. They are all correct, though I suppose I can spare you one small description. Her eyes. They are ones that look as if she had captured the entire sky, at the best of its days - with the deepest of the many blues it displays and not a cloud in sight - behind her eyelids, and glossed those electric flaming orbs over with a crystallized glaze. So when you see her eyes, outlined and popping out against the bite of the dark, you know who to expect.
Those eyes are the first thing that our two small characters caught sight of, and what a fright they had at that! So as the story goes, and based upon what I have wrote and what you have read, after a dashing escape from one certain farmer after rummaging through the fields, our Merry and Pippin meet this strange creature of a girl, and after deciding to stand their grounds and get to know her, the eldest of the two invites her home, to where she spends a gentle night with a head full of bliss. Little does she know that the impale of her pain and the terror of her fear will return soon- sooner than she will expect. And everybody will have to be prepared, or nobody will remain unscathed. Do you wonder why I haven't said 'alive' instead? Because a deepening, darkening sadness is destined to fall over their lands, bringing with it death and despair. It is worse to watch others suffer, to watch things grow worse and not be able to do anything about it, than to endure it yourself, and our sweet little hobbits will learn it the lost way, the dead way, forgotten in the realms if their homeland. Death will be death, but despair - it will cause tears of blood, lost limbs, fading faith, weakening links, dropped gazes, hurt. It will bring pain - and the girl, now relieved and happy, will fall back to her solemn peaks of the black hill. Dark pain and blue shadows will collide, and only the young girl can provide abandoned hope.
Come forth, Elenwë from the black hill.
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