Oddly Enough - A Human's Tale

An orphan child sings tragedy in the blackness, perched upon the top of a hill, twirling beneath the glow of the moon, her waist-lengthened midnight hair curling softly with the breeze like smoke whispering and curving against the jewels embedded in the night sky of the Shire. Is she just another lost little girl who couldn't find her place in Middle Earth, or is she something more? The Ring is destroyed, but something else soon darkens the hearts of the innocent, threatening to cast a shadow over the whole of Middle Earth. Can Little Elenwë avoid the threat of death and even find her true identity through the midst of this? Or maybe, just maybe, could she be the very core of an adventure?


1. Prologue

Oddly enough, there has always been a little girl living in the Shire, from since when she was found as an infant, to her current age, which, if you must know, is twelve years. It was known that she walked with grace upon the tops of the evergreen hills, and that her sad voice echoed down into the closest homes, soft as she may sing. Sometimes, the admiring listeners would throw open their doors in the midst of her song in an effort to see her, and once or twice the beams of light from their lamps might catch her face in full light before she bolted back into the shadows, casting a shadow to outline her features - which created spreading stories and rumors of a ghostly pale girl who sings beneath the moon at the stroke of noon. Song of the Moon. The Moon's Daughter. Ghost of the Shire. Yes, she was given a multiple of carelessly tossed names, but the one that truly stuck, was one given to her by the most unlikely pair of young hobbits, a two you might think of each time your crop is robbed, or your garden is destroyed, or when dangerous fireworks just so happen to crack across jeweled sky and into billions of flickering shards at your party, or even when something in your pantry goes missing- but they were never a duet known for having the patience to care for a child. Now, to describe this peculiar trio, not nearly enough words would quite make sense when strung altogether, or perhaps one or two of the words would sound too alike, or maybe a curse might happen to drop into the description, so one might simply say, those Tookish rascals, and be done with it. For the other Tooks out there who are wondering; no, I don't suppose that was meant in a good way, as Took can easily be translated into fool. Now, some say that the boys implant a negative influence on the girl, and others say that if it weren't for them, she would still be a lonely orphan, wandering the meadows of the Shire alone. Personally, I would thank Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took now that I'm old enough to count back on this, and if I ever have the time, or if they ever come back from their current adventure, and even on that account, if I'll ever forgive them for leaving me behind. I suppose I shall begin my tale from when they found me, and then slice right up to the day of my first adventure. By the way, if you haven't guessed by now, that lonely little orphan girl singing on the hills and dancing with the sunset in the meadows, she was nobody special. She didn't grow up to be, either. Just a small author with big dreams and a love for things that grow.
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