Amy Moore was just your ordinary girl until she enters a competition to meet One direction and Big time rush. She has a really great time with them but she has to choose who to date. Logan or Zayn? Comment who you want to be her boyfriend thanks. She loves Logan for his sweetness and his sense of humor but she also loves Zayn for his looks and his understanding ways.


3. Packing

I couldn't believe I won! I pinched myself a couple of times to see if it was a dream or if it was reality. And it was reality! I was staying with 1D and BTR for two weeks! I decided to go to sleep from all the excited-ness! I read for a while then turned my lamp off and headed off to sleep. *morning time* I woke up with my blonde hair in a birds nest. My hair goes all the way to my bottom so it's annoying but it's worth it because it looks nice when its out or in. Anatoia called me and said that she really needs help with packing. I told her that I'd got to Starbucks and get us coffee then go to her house. I went to Starbucks and ordered myself a short black and ordered Anatoia a vanilla bean. I drove to her house. "Where's your coffee," she said as I handed her coffee to her. "Oh I just got a short black cause I'm quite tired," I told her. "Ok well what should I pack?" We packed her clothes then she got changed. *amy is wearing fat pants, crop top and toms and anatoias was wearing fat pants, a batwing top and vans*. We went to my house and decided what to wear.
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