Amy Moore was just your ordinary girl until she enters a competition to meet One direction and Big time rush. She has a really great time with them but she has to choose who to date. Logan or Zayn? Comment who you want to be her boyfriend thanks. She loves Logan for his sweetness and his sense of humor but she also loves Zayn for his looks and his understanding ways.


5. Interesting conversation???

Amy's POV
It was they day we were catching our flight today! I was so excited! We were just doing a finishing touches then I drove Anatoia and I to the airport. Anatoia was literally jumping up and down in her seat she was drinking when I picked her up so she was a bit tipsy but she was fine but not for driving. *Anatoias 19 and Amy's 18* "So how much are you excited?" I asked Anatoia. "OMG I'm like sooo excited ! I have been waiting for this day to happen and it is. Omg omg omg I can't breathe I'm going to meet one direction and big time rush I can't fricken wait and and omg I'm going to meet Niall and Harry oh lord and Liam and James and Carlos and Kendall and and Logan and stuff I'm fricken excited!" She slurred. "Fuck," I cursed under my breath. "What was that swear word missy you should not swear with a 19 year old in the car!" Anatoia said really seriously. "Oh god I'm going to have to give you sleeping pills because I didn't think you were as drunk as I expected!" I laughed. " Me no taking sleeping pills because day for hobos!" She said loud enough for people to hear outside. "You won't meet one direction and big time rush !" I said to try convince her to take the pills. "Ok ok ok I will!" She said finally. We arrived the airport and checked in our luggage. "Thanks," I said to the luggage person as I handed them five dollars. We boarded our flight and took our seats. "Take the pills now!" I told Anatoia. "Ok," she said whispering. "Why are you whispering?" I whispered back. "Because I can!" She shouted so all the people on the plane could hear. A flight attendant came over. "Sorry I picked her up and she was drunk and I'm giving her sleeping pills so she will fall asleep I'm really sorry," I told the flight attendant. "That's ok I'll get you a glass of water yeah?" She said in a deep British accent like Harry's. "Thanks," I replied. The flight attendant walked off getting the glass of water. She came back with it "Here you go," she said. "Thanks," I said quietly. "Take your pills now!" I told Anatoia. "Ok," she slurred once again. She took the pills and in a matter of minutes she fell asleep and so did I.
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