Amy Moore was just your ordinary girl until she enters a competition to meet One direction and Big time rush. She has a really great time with them but she has to choose who to date. Logan or Zayn? Comment who you want to be her boyfriend thanks. She loves Logan for his sweetness and his sense of humor but she also loves Zayn for his looks and his understanding ways.


2. Calling Anatoia

Amy's POV
I dialed 768-657-7685 (I just made it up).
Anatoia: Hey!
Amy: Hey Toia I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to meet BTR and 1D?
Anatoia:OMG yes! I would frickin love to!
Amy: Ok we leave in three days so you should soon start packing!
Anatoia: Ok that's good so I have thinking time for what to bring!! (winky face)
Amy: so you should stay the night at my house tomorrow!
Anatoia: Yeah you could come over to my house tomorrow and help me pack then we could go to yours and yeah.
Amy: Yeah that'll be great!
Anatoia: I better start packing now!
Amy: Ok cya!
Anatoia: By the way thanks for inviting me!
Amy: It's ok!
Anatoia: Bye!
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