Amy Moore was just your ordinary girl until she enters a competition to meet One direction and Big time rush. She has a really great time with them but she has to choose who to date. Logan or Zayn? Comment who you want to be her boyfriend thanks. She loves Logan for his sweetness and his sense of humor but she also loves Zayn for his looks and his understanding ways.


6. Arriving

Anatoias P.O.V

I woke up and got the flight attendant to get me a salad and water. God I had a killer headache, I checked Amy's bag and saw "Headache gone!" Pills. The flight attendant who's name was Suzy gave me my water. I took the pills and started to dig in to my salad cause I was starving. I eat fast like really fast even though I'm quite skinny.

Amys P.O.V

I heard rattling in my bag and saw Anatoia getting the headache pills. I pretended to be asleep while I listened to what they were doing. All she was doing was drinking water and eating. "Amy wake up come on were landing in 5 minutes," she said. "Ahh what yes! I was awake already! Omg!" I said. "I knew you were awake I saw you but I pretended that I didn't. " She said. Anatoia was such a great friend. "We are landing in 3 minutes please put your trays up and your seat belts on. "The captain said. Ok here we go.

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