Amy Moore was just your ordinary girl until she enters a competition to meet One direction and Big time rush. She has a really great time with them but she has to choose who to date. Logan or Zayn? Comment who you want to be her boyfriend thanks. She loves Logan for his sweetness and his sense of humor but she also loves Zayn for his looks and his understanding ways.


4. All the things to do

Anatoia's POV
Amy drove us to her house. I have to say she sure has a nice house three story a pool and a spa but I have the same just a two story though. "We'll choose what we will wear today because I'm not wearing this!" Said Amy. "Yeah I can't believe we are meeting BTR and 1D in three days!" I said excitedly. "Yeah I know it was a dream come true! I really am truly happy that you're coming with me because I couldn't of had a better friend to come with," Amy said. "Thanks and thanks for inviting me!" I told her. "We'll we're here!" Amy said. "Leggo then!" I laughed. We chose what to wear. I wore high waisted flower print shorts and a white crop top with black converse all stars and Amy wore a loose white dress that was just above her knees and white converse all stars. I have to admit we looked pretty good. "We look fly gurl!" Amy said in her best ghetto voice. "Yeah we do!" I said in my ghetto voice. "How much money do you have?" Amy asked. "From working I have one thousand I had in my bank 15 thousand but that's for university so I could maybe take 2 thousand from that!" I told her. "I have 2 thousand from my mumma and 25 thousand from working and for university money so I'll take 5 thousand from that so that leads us to 10 thousand which is a lot of money !" Amy's POV We sorted out the money so we decided to watch paranormal 1,2,3 and 4 and we fell asleep but I don't know how since it was a scary movie.
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