Little things

I watched as he walked away like a total diva, i laughed as i watched the boys play on there 3DS's.
it's cute how they always acted like kids. as Louis jumped in victory for winning. oh my brother i love him so much, how he can always make me happy when i'm sad, how i can tell him any thing. but him finding out i like one of his best mates i don't no what he will say. like will even end up together anyways.


2. over protected much


I woke up to Louis opening my curtans to reveal the bright sun. 

" RISE AND SHINE SLEEPY HEAD" he yelled in my ear. which made me jump my head up a little. 

"could you be any louder" i said loud enough were he could hear me. 

" MAYBEEEEE" he yelled!!!!!

i rolled over only to have a face full of floor did that even make since oh well. 

"ughghggggggggghhhh" i complained. 

" nice going sis" he said.  

" shut up" i mumbeld, as he helped me and i blew some hair out of my face. 

" now go away" i said pointing to the door. 

"huh..i thought you loved me" he said acting like a girl. 

" really go" i said. 

"fine i geuss you don't wan't to see Harry,Liam,Zayn and Niall" he said .

" Wait the boys are here" i asked? 

"yep" he said popping the p. 

"you still have to get out i got to take a shower and get dressed" i told him. 

"oh ok then" he said as he left and closed the door.

i took a quick shower and got dressed 


i walked into the living room to be tackeld into a louis hug. 

"may i help you" i asked him? 

" i just love you so much" he said. 

i saw as the boys just started to laugh. " i love you to now can you please get off of me" i told him. 

he let go and walked away doing the cat walk i giggeld a little then raised an i brow at him. 

i felt a hand on my shoulder and looked to see that it was Eleanore.

"hi" i said. 

"sleep well" she asked? 

"good till you're boyfriend screamed in my ear" i said 

"hahahaha, remember he's also you're brother" she reminded me. 

" i know" i said.

i watched as the boys started to act like idiots. 

i looked over at niall who smiled at me i smiled back. he then got a call and left the room so i decided to follow him.

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